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The Importance of Good Communication on Fiverr


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Hey everyone,

Following the webinar we held for sellers community with the magnificent - @dennisyu, on - The importance of communication between sellers and buyers, we would like to share with you the must crucial insights as an efficient addition for your ongoing work (and in case that you prefer to read as opposed to watch the actual webinar).

The #1 thing that clients require is whether they can work with you, and if you can demonstrate an understanding of what they are looking for. This is the most crucial thing because someone on Fiverr, being from another country, potential clients are not sure if they can understand them or if they can do a good job. They don't know how well they can communicate in the English language. Additionally, Fiverr Learn and all the available courses and trainings, make it a comprehensive resource that covers not only freelancing gigs but also everything else you may need.

In general, it's all about your ability to communicate, which includes an essential subset known as "Active Listening" (= reflecting back what a client’s requirement is).

Active listening is being less robot and more human. So the biggest mistake you can make when you’re trying to make more clients is mass spamming throwaway lines and sentences to everyone - which is a sure shot way of ending up getting canned. 

Many freelancers suffer from lack of empathy or understanding of what the requirements are, while contacting their potential clients, causing the latter to disqualify a possible order due to a lack of grammatical knowledge of the English language. Therefore, make sure you’re always using proper grammar.

Consider "Personalize" - You don’t want to say generic stuff that robots can say, with no personalization. So the main thing in active listening is, you’re actively responding. You’re empathetic and you’re personalized. A lot of people think there’s a lot of effort to it, but all you need is one sentence. 

Demonstrate an understanding of what the clients want and don’t just talk about your rates, listen to what they want, and reflect it back in your words. Don’t make the client do all the work, instead of showing that you care. Show ownership, show that you really care. That's the difference between getting a gig or not - Reflect the client's needs.

To summarize, the point of this article is to emphasize the importance of acting to your client, like you're building a relationship. Treat people in a real manner, because when you treat people with that level of respect, the clients will probably reciprocate, and you might get the kind of clients that you want to work with. Communication is what brings us all together, so show that you care by reflecting back what that client is looking for, and do that not just in the beginning to get the deal, but along the way. 

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Is it too much to ask to have an actual phone conversation with a Fiverr freelancer? I know we are in the same country and speak the same language. I have asked a few times to talk - because I feel we are losing a lot in translation with the fiverr messaging. She has not acknowledged the request and really hasn't answered my questions. She is working on a new Shopify website, I have paid $300 to buy a new theme and she's charging $200 to redesign the website. But, I have no idea how the project is progressing or what to expect at the end. She asked for an extension of 4 days. Meanwhile, my website is not really up and running while she works on it. I'm feeling uncomfortable with this project and I'm considering cancelling it. I will pay her...but unless she can tell me what she's doing that I cannot...I am not feeling very good about this. 

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