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  1. I have 5 stars in coomunication 5 in would recommend and 4 in service as described. but my overall score is 4.3 as it should be 4.6 need help as i am unable to send offers to buyer requests
  2. When a buyer requests additional work after placing the order and he disagrees to pay more for additional work, what options do sellers have ?
  3. First time buyer cancel order and again give same customer $7 order but my order completion rate is low how can improve my account.
  4. What is your worst experience as a seller with Buyers? Have you encountered Buyers that have troubled you so much?
  5. Which Countries Buyers We should Deny?
  6. How can we know the buyer name from buyer request on Desktop???
  7. Please guys i still need help with my gig I have not yet receive any order. please help me click on it all am asking for is just a click from you guys😭. please help a brother out here and if you have some you can referral to me that need my service please do help me out 😭have not yet receive my first order and it been 3 months now https://www.fiverr.com/share/ylbPj0 https://www.fiverr.com/share/xl5Bwa
  8. I have done several optimization and changed gig videos but yet it still remain the same and now my gig has left 1st page to 3rd page after much work and editions. What could be wrong please?
  9. Hi, fiverr forum this my 3rd month on😭 fiverr i have not get any order and my gig is not having clicks if you can help click on my gig link so that it can get to first page or if you can order my service i will be very happy https://www.fiverr.com/share/p9AX2l all i need is order or your clicks it will go a long way 😭😭
  10. I browse through Buyer Requests every now and then, sending offers to potential customers. So far, every single potential client has said something along the lines of "Please contact the Project Manager on Telegram". Every. Single. One. I obviously don't contact them through Telegram or any other chat service outside of Fiverr, because it's against the TOS. I don't even use Telegram myself, and don't have an account. Do I just wait for a reliable buyer?
  11. I want to ask a question Can Fiverr support, support me and help me win a my order for me. Have did what the buyer want but he requested for more and more work in return of cancellation the order... Please what can I do please
  12. I didn't get any orders till now, I feeling sad, depressed, and frustrated also😭😭😭. Anyone give me some suggestions please🙏
  13. How difficult was it for you to get your first buyer? I have created these gigs for months now and they haven't generated any reasonable lead. Could you help me check it out after sharing your experiences? https://www.fiverr.com/share/boGm3m
  14. Actually I have seen many YouTube videos where people are using browser extensions to see buyers profile on Fiverr Buyer Request. Now, I'm in confusions can I use it or not. Bcz, it is very useful on Buyer Request. Is there any reason to be suspended bcz of using this?
  15. Hi, I am Ava. Its been over 2 years since i joined fiverr and at starting I got 3-4 order and now I am facing a issue of recieving no response from the buyer. I have replied to offers ( 600 answered till now ) and even I respond with all details and about their work and pricing. Can anyone check my profile and tell me what I should have to do in order to recieve orders. Thank you in advance, Ava
  16. This is Fatema Chowdhury. I am new freelancer at fiverr. I already create 4 gig of influencer research & virtual assistant. I can't get more buyer request to sent offer. I keep myself online 24 hours online, after that I can't get buyer request. Give me some tips as newbie. Thanks.
  17. So, today I got the below message from a buyer. He is expecting me to format a book of 350-400 pages book in 45 USD. This is just an exploitative message, definitely trying to take advantage of new sellers on the platform. Buyer mentioned that most offers I am getting is $45 per book which means many seller already gave him a quote. I know that new sellers want to get orders just because to gain some good reviews, but I think this isn't fair with experienced sellers. Shouldn't new sellers stop doing 2-3 days of work in lowest price? I just want to encourage new sellers to stop accepting such offers and know your worth. What is your views on this? Let me know in the comment/replies.
  18. Hello Guys.. So I have been on fiverr for almost a month now and I still haven't gotten a buyer. What to do? How do I go about getting a buyer? Or Is there something I am not doing right? Please help. Thank you! Profile name is remiwit
  19. I have a question to the Experts that, Are the views couted as the hidden algorithm of FIverr? Does it really helps our GIG rank? Thanks in advance
  20. I delivered an order 1 week ago. I was waiting for the buyer's revisions. But It was automatically completed. And this buyer came to me just today and put me one-star without any single word. Though there was an unlimited revision option. The buyer said to me nothing. the one-star rating will remain forever. So, my question is "was it my fault to receive one star?" How can I overcome this bad experience?
  21. Can I share my portfolio website links for the buyers in the inbox?
  22. How many buyer's revision requests are enough though you put unli revisions?2, 3, 4? When will you say to buyer enough is enough? Lol
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