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  1. So, today I got the below message from a buyer. He is expecting me to format a book of 350-400 pages book in 45 USD. This is just an exploitative message, definitely trying to take advantage of new sellers on the platform. Buyer mentioned that most offers I am getting is $45 per book which means many seller already gave him a quote. I know that new sellers want to get orders just because to gain some good reviews, but I think this isn't fair with experienced sellers. Shouldn't new sellers stop doing 2-3 days of work in lowest price? I just want to encourage new sellers to stop accepting such offers and know your worth. What is your views on this? Let me know in the comment/replies.
  2. Hello Guys.. So I have been on fiverr for almost a month now and I still haven't gotten a buyer. What to do? How do I go about getting a buyer? Or Is there something I am not doing right? Please help. Thank you! Profile name is remiwit
  3. I have a question to the Experts that, Are the views couted as the hidden algorithm of FIverr? Does it really helps our GIG rank? Thanks in advance
  4. I delivered an order 1 week ago. I was waiting for the buyer's revisions. But It was automatically completed. And this buyer came to me just today and put me one-star without any single word. Though there was an unlimited revision option. The buyer said to me nothing. the one-star rating will remain forever. So, my question is "was it my fault to receive one star?" How can I overcome this bad experience?
  5. Can I share my portfolio website links for the buyers in the inbox?
  6. How many buyer's revision requests are enough though you put unli revisions?2, 3, 4? When will you say to buyer enough is enough? Lol
  7. Hi guys, Could you please share your experiences about how you got your first client and how it was? Was there any amendment you made to your gig before it started converting? Also, please help me check my gigs for any errors or amendment. Thanks. https://www.fiverr.com/share/6E70bX https://www.fiverr.com/share/DodyBA https://www.fiverr.com/share/yjAmv0
  8. Hi friends how to attract the buyers to sale the services??? Regards Anna
  9. I am a new seller. I'm checking my buyer request per hour but no request was found. I make three gigs which represents BUSINESS CARD DESIGN. I'm facing the buyer request problem. I have passed 30 days on Fiverr. If 60 days over and if I can't complete 10 orders, will It hamper on receiving buyer requests?
  10. Hi friends I am facing a problem i am not getting orders any one can suggest or help me how to attract the buyers on my gigs. Thanks Regards Anna
  11. How to work with non-responsive,non sercious and moody buyers?
  12. how to get orders freequetly and an easy way to get more buyers kindly guide...thanks
  13. while biding on a project is asking questions to buyers is helpful or not?
  14. Dear Freelancers, Do you know at what time I can see buyers request in Dominican Republic? Alguno de ustedes sabe a qué hora puedo ver los buyers request/trabajos en la República Dominicana?
  15. Hello there! My name is Annika and I am a new seller on this platform. I am a professional digital marketer and I will be glad to work with everyone here.
  16. Good day to everyone here Please I wanna make an enquiry about Fiverr buyers "last seen". Is the last seen always correct? Please I'm confused.
  17. There have more facilities for a buyer at Fiverr market place in every sphere. But why? we're, the sellers also a major part of this marketplace.
  18. Thanks to Allah! I have completed 10+ Order. My name is Ishtiaqbappy and I am new to seller. Can someone please advise me on how I can rank my Fiverr gigs?
  19. Hey! I'm a level 2 seller on Fiverr. I'm going on a vacation and I've set unavailability for a few months. I wanted to know does it affect the level superiority in anyway? If yes, is there any better way to keep things smooth? Thanks.
  20. I've completed my first order, and I'm not seeing any rating yet, I've messaged the buyer, but she haven't replied yet. I got a clue from this forum that it might be because I've not given any review on my experience with her as a seller, but I can't even found anywhere to do that!
  21. 2 people ask me to contact with their e-mail and become no longer contactable on fiverr. Why they do that ? Commission fee is the only thing that comes in my mind by I feel uneasy about this? Should I respond them via e-mail ? Could it be a type of scam ?
  22. How can I become a good seller cause am new on this platform
  23. How covid affected your orders?
  24. Hello, A buyer is requesting that I do a basic job for him for $5, but my gig is $20 for a basic package. Is it against Fiverr Terms & Conditions if I gave him a custom order of $5? Would there any consequence?
  25. what will happen if buyer didn’t accept my delivery after revision? There was no revision option in my gig but she requested me for a revision. I accepted that and gave her delivery again as she want. And she was online but didn’t reply me.
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