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how to fine a buyer


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19 hours ago, omitaislam said:

i want a intership job.

Fiverr is a platform connecting freelancers and clients. There are no internships here (unless Fiverr itself is looking for interns, but you definitely wouldn't be able to apply on the forum).

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18 hours ago, abdheshkjha said:

You don't have to find the buyer on Fiverr. The buyer will come to you. (This is the Power of Fiverr)

Read Fiverr Blogs, Articles, Join Webinars this will help you to understand how Fiverr works.

OK .thanks

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No one knows,how you can receive order.

But you have to promote your gigs to your potential clients.

You are looking for order in your bookkeeping gig. I am here waiting Around 6 months for active order.

So, publish a gig in fiverr & you expect you will receive order. That won't happen. 

Attract your Potential & actual clients to your gig & try to sell them.

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