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Fiverr promote options Off every 30 days. PLEASE HELP ME


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For the past 1 year or more, since I got the FIVERR promotion option. Since then the promotion is on for 1 month and automatically stops after 1 month. without any reason. I complete orders on time and have no bad reviews and no order cancellations. But every time after 1 month my promotion gets off and all gig ranks are lost.

(Like this: November promote option is one but the December gig is promoted option off)
Every time it happens for no reason, I am very worried. I want everyone's opinion. How to get rid of it.


Check My Profile:  www.fiverr.com/sumon369

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2 hours ago, sumon369 said:

Every time it happens for no reason

There's actually a reason every time this happens, you just have to figure out what it is. Look at all your metrics - this includes not only the ones in your dashboard, but the quality metrics that aren't a part of your dashboard (i.e., how quickly you deliver, how many orders you have, the private reviews that you get, how quickly you respond to messages in your inbox and order chats, the number of repeat buyers that you have, etc.). Every seller is given a Gig Match score based on appearance quality and delivery quality.

Fiverr actually has a good Promoted Gig webinar that goes over some of the troubleshooting you can do while using promoted gigs. You can find this webinar here:


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3 hours ago, vickieito said:

the private reviews that you get

Most Seller doesn't know about this "Private Reviews".

Sometimes Buyer is kind enough to leave 5 star for the "Order review" even though they aren't 100% satisfied, so they will leave real review on the private review for Fiverr Team. 

Or.., They not satisfied, but didn't want to harm Seller income, so they leave no order review, BUT leave feedback at private review.


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