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Completed 200+ Orders


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On 2/28/2023 at 2:20 PM, zero_doshomik said:


I have completed 200+ orders till today.

So many ups and down in my past experiences; however, thanks to the Fiverr community helped me a lot when I faced several difficulties. 

One suggestion: do not take too many orders at the same time; if you don't have time or capacity to deliver on time, focus on your strength and subsequent work and proper schedule; definitely, you will get the order after delivering the work. Keep patience. 


congrats Brother!

can you please help me, I was doing good at fiverr but it is been 3 months that I did not receive any order.

no impressions no clicks. I tried changing gig descrition, image keywords... everything. my rating is 4.9.

where am I wrong? 

what should I do to be on the track?

Much Regards.

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