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After match made ... algorithm

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Since the buyer's request on Fiverr ended, I have 10 gigs (include 4 promoted gigs) Also purchae seller plus plan from last three months, but not recived match message. 
However, I am a level two seller and have completed around 300 orders before new future.

I'm continued hard working and also change description, gigs images, and seo but still have no match message

Any expert guide me for this issue?


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the answer not match for my question. Before new update I have avarage buyer every month and my gig rank 1st or second page without promoted, today my 4 gigs alowed for promoted programe but buyer not match why?

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I have heard that some people have reduced orders due to various updates that come from time to time. But after a few days it will be fine. I think your problem can be solved by putting some new similar gigs without changing the existing gigs and studying this with a little patience.

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