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How do I ended up here?


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Hello, my name is Bella, I would like to share you my stories how I ended up here and starting my career on freelancer marketplace, Fiverr.

So it started when I graduated from college, at the end of 2020. And I started looking for a job, and then I got my first job as graphic designer on startup agencies. My agencies work in social media management and branding design. It was good at first, enough money for my fresh start living independent, although it wasn't my passion working on that field, I prefer children book illustrating, I always love illustration, but in my country illustration field was so minority. So I never got the job that I wanted. 

And then thing started to turn worse, my country having an inflation, and theres mass bankrupt on startup also mass cut, and for two month my paid was cut and on pending. the agencies the started to shut down, I lost my jobs. and then I saw that one youtube video talking about freelance illustrator, and that's inspire me, so here I'm. Wish me luck, I know it's hard, but I wish I could make it. 

Thanks for listening to my stories anw,

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