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New system in fiverr how can I get order fast?


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You won't get orders fast.

You need to create great gigs, mostly focus on offering something unique and different if you want to stand out. Experiment with keywords, gig images, videos, anything you can. And of course, improve your skills, show people why they should book your services and not someone else. Because they do have a choice...

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35 minutes ago, eva0592 said:

you need to be marketing your gig on social media like Instagram also LinkedIn those are best place for clints. 

How many of your clients have come from social media @eva0592? Do you track this? This is one the reasons I'm happy to give Fiverr 20%, it's because they bring me clients, I don't need to go and find them. If you can find clients on social media, why do you bring them to Fiverr?

I have never posted my gigs on social media to find clients, and I bet most other established sellers haven't either.

My pleasure @web_munna45@donnovan86 is right, it won't come quickly, but if you put in the work you will make progress.


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2 hours ago, smartdezigns said:
  • You just have to stay active on Fiverr.. 


2 hours ago, smartdezigns said:
  • You must be experienced in your skills


That's a given if you want to sell your services online. Otherwise much better, more experienced professionals will end up getting most of the work if you don't have something to draw people in.

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1 minute ago, ashikur045 said:
  • Stay active on fiverr as much as you can.
  • Do social media marketing.

This is not true and bad advice. Please stop telling people this.

Where did you hear / read this? Actually I don't care where you learned this but it is not true.

Please stop repeating this bad advice.

3 minutes ago, ashikur045 said:

Create a professional gig and Do proper SEO of your gig

Yes, this will help.

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2 hours ago, adotdesigns said:

You just have to stay active on Fiverr and don't use Shortcut and try to Offers on Buyer Request Please

Staying active on Fiverr waiting for orders is like being a store owner waiting for clients when your business is closed. It's like watching paint dry. 

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11 hours ago, ashikur045 said:

Do proper SEO of your gig.

Fiverr is not like google search because SEO does not work well on the Fiverr platform. It is more important to have the keyword in your title, tags, and the body of your gig description for the Fiverr algorithm, not for any search engine.

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I got my first few orders by responding to buyers' requests and my first organic order after approximately four months. My business has always been slow until I reach level two, which took me twelve months. You can use this as a benchmark rather than wondering why your business is slow.

It is helpful to set your profile to "online" at all times, because clients who are searching for a product or service will tend to choose the first seller who responds. This approach works best in the beginning when you're still building up the business.

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