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Tips how Deal with buyers specially a difficult buyer


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Be clear about what you will do

It’s good practice to agree with buyer exactly what you will do and when at the start of a project – and what their responsibilities are. Make a note of everything you have agreed , so you’re both clear from the outset. It also ensures you have something solid to refer back to later on if your buyer does become difficult.

Keep in touch

If your project is a long or ongoing one, it’s a good idea to keep your buyer updated regularly. This way, if your buyer does have any concerns, they can raise them early. It’s also your chance to remind them of the tasks they need to do for you to stay on schedule – for example, agreeing a design or providing vital information.

Be polite as possible

Don’t panic whatever happens be polite with as much as you can !! and always respond them ASAP if you respond them late they will get misunderstanding and you will loose your buyer

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Reply to @kamranshahid: I’m very happy that’s the case for you, but I’ve contacted CS 4 times over the past few months and the response is always the same: “I’m sorry but we cannot help you unless the buyer cooperates” - Which the buyers of course won’t do because then they will actually have to pay for what they want.

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