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How fast can I get a statement of earning for the years 2018 and earlier



Hi, has anyone got a statement of earning for the year 2018 or earlier? How long did it take for the support center to generate it for you? and is there any way that I can expedite the process as i need one urgently and it has been more than a week since I got a ticket from support center and they arent responding back.

Any help would be appreciated

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Can't you do that on your own from the Earnings page? Why should you get customer support involved? Also, why would you need a statement of earnings for those years anyway, didn't you pay your taxes already? That would be an issue... 

Anyway, you can find this on the Earnings page, and you can download a CSV file for every year, 2018 and prior to that. It usually takes a couple of seconds or a minute at most.

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