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110 dollar project i being shown to client as 118$



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Check Fiverr's Payment Terms, and you'll see that Fiverr charges buyers 5.5% since May 2021 (was 5% before that). For orders below $50, an additional $2 fee. Additionally, depending on buyer location, taxes may apply.


$10+5.5%=$10.55 + $2 = 12.55


The $0.05 might get lost at some point, like we also can only send offers with full dollar amounts, not cents.

The buyer should see a breakdown of the total price somewhere, though, probably at least on their bill, so they should know that the $110 comes from your side, and the rest from Fiverr.

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4 minutes ago, anukritikandpal said:

The fee that Fiverr charges is 20 percent but it is not 20% of anything...

20% fiverr is charging you as a seller, so you will get 80% of 110$.

But there is also a processing fee for your client and he can see that breakdown of fees on his side. You can also check fiverr TOS to see exact fees that fiverr charges buyers 

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1 hour ago, anukritikandpal said:

The client ordered the project for 100$ and then asked for an add on of 10 dollar. Which makes the project 110$. When I delivered my work, it started showing the buyer 118$...

Can someone help me with it?

It might be the fees that Fiverr charges the buyers, in addition to the price of the gig itself. 

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