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Anyone if possible can tell How many orders and years we take to get into Top Rated Seller ?


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I have been working on fiverr for around 9 years now and got Level 2 Badge around 5-6 years ago at the time when ranking system came.. Earlier you know that It was only Star system and even after introducing Intially there was some bad experience in transition but still Now for around 3-4 years I have been in Level 2 Seller..

In these 9 years I have completed around 1.3K order with only 148 cancellations and have generated a reveneue of 75k dollars after comission. Imagine the sales they got too.. Still No privilleges for sellers like this to get ino Top Rated... I have around 4.9 stars overall in profile too.

Imagine how hard is now to sustain revenue flow in fiverr.  I dont know Why fiverr is giving Top rated badge for even new users without prioritising us? Anyone knows whats the reason..

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Sellers need to follow basic three things to avoid drop in Gig Views from the highest in a day. 

Basic thing is about analytics that Fiverr review in every 15th or whatever to review your Level

1. Don't make your 2 month interval Order Rating to below 4.8 Stars. 

2. Never make the Order on time completion rate in this two month interval below 90%

3. Never Make Order / Message response rate below 90% 


If any of this happens you can see gig get deindexed from next day. So Kindly follow these tips to avoid drop in Gig rankings. 

Still Negative rating & Order Cancellation is there. But it can easily be recovered if you get new order. But if the above three statistics went below 90% It would be quite difficult to rank your gig back to the position where it was earlier.

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It's possible, that you will never become TRS - they do this manually and literally no one knows how exactly they make this choice. I remember the guy who became TRS in first 6 months of work here, and there are many people who work here for ages and can't get TRS badge.

But honestly - this is not why we came here, we came here for income. It's always great to realize that you get some privilege but if not, that's ok, nothing to worry about

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Its a question that Only Fiverr can answer. But Based on 9 year experience from Fiverr and reading updates on fiverr forum. First thing you should must do is three things. 


1. 5 Star delivery Services

2. Order completion on Time

3. On time order delivery.

These are three basic foundation or rulws to follow if you want some impressions  in your gig. Gig impression and Buyer Impression are closely related. If Buyer is impressed Gig Impressions will be higher and vice versa. So Getting a happy buyer is more important than anything which is mainly lies in above three things. 

Then What are the other factors you need to look

1. Quick communication

2. Quick and regular order updates.

3. Requesting revisions by buyer must be minimal so always deliver after 100% corrections are over. 

4. Deliver the order with atleast 1 day to spare so that it will be quick delivery

5. Mostly please do avoid unnecessary order extensions & order cancellations. 

6. Make sure you have on time delivery stat at 100%

7. Make sure that your rating is 5 stars and work according to that. 

8. Make sure that order completion is at 100%

If you follow all these tips then you can have better impressions and also high sales. Yoi have to be aware every minute and dedicate every second for this to achieve. I had a lot of weeks without any work, then I started to look various variables and got a conclusion as mentioned things. 

It can be incomplete as fiverr can have various different factors such as gig quality, image quality, keywords etc. But most important things as a seller to do in fiverr is the above mentioned tips. 

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