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Partial and full refund option.

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Hello to everyone. 

I strongly believe that if Fiverr adds a feature to issue a partial refund or full refund, then somehow it will be beneficial for customers, sellers, and Fiverr too. I received an order of $100 and I have delivered the project as the customer requested. However, customer was not happy about the final delivery and ask me to issue a $20 refund to ensure both gets their value for time. It was a great idea but you know Fiverr has no such option and I ended up cancelling the order. Had I refunded the order, the order would not have cancelled and Fiverr would have earned $16 from this transaction. But now the order has been cancelled. I got nothing and so do Fiverr. 

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I completely agree. I had a similar situation, and the only solution that Customer Support had to offer was for the buyer to place another order for the lower agreed upon price. When that order was paid for by the customer and completed, then CS could cancel the original order. I told them that in the business world, this was called a "workaround," but not a solution. The problem for the buyer - they now have to tie up more of their funds to get the refund. It is a completely nonsensical option.

CS did say that they would pass along my thoughts to the Development Team, and that we could possibly get a refund solution "someday." Doesn't sound like anything is going to happen.

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