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- "at first be confident on your skill" Yes, but dont do it over. As a buyer i have seen enough sellers "who can do it easily from a scratch" without even reading what i am actually askin for. I would rephrase this as "Be aware of your skills"

- "try to response quickly on your client sms" Yes. When your customer needs you, be available. When your customer asks a question, a price for something, do not be quick. When you give an answer, customer expects that he has your professional opinion about the issue. As a buyer i ratherly hear honest "I will find out, ill get back to you in a bit" than some random guess that will be changed in few minutes. I expect you to know your work just as much as you expect me to pay for it. Proseffionality is not that you know anything and everything in a eye blink. It is that you find out and when you have done so, you have the answer that is valid.

- "Ask your client questions for work." Yes, yes and yes. If customer sends you 25 lines long explanation what he wants, read those 25 lines carefully, think about the job and if necessary, tell your customer that you will get back after you have thought about it. Nothing, absolutely nothing frustrates more than a seller who gives answers which he changes depending of hours, moon position etc. 

- "try to maintain your client for next project" By doing your job professionally and with decent price, you dont need to. Buyers comes back to you because they know you can solve their problems.

- "Friendly conversation with your client." & "Be professional because your client need a professional seller." Yes. Sometimes, deals that are allmost there can be cancelled. You just lost a job worth of 2000$. Yes, it pisses you off for sure. But there is reason for the buyer to cancel the deal. I mean cancelling before accepting the offer. Maybe needs has changed, tax man didnt return what promised...

I have now negotiated with 8 sellers about the same job. 1 told instantly that my request was too much for him and he cant promise that he can do it. Respect for him.

3 sellers felt like way too carefree about the job. When i did ask some specific questions about the job and how they plan to do it, answers were from the bluemoon. I instantly felt that they havent ever read through my feature request. But they kept reminding me that there is atleast battalion of programmers ready to do the job. If you can hire battalion of programmers for a few hundred dollars, youre one lucky b**tard. But i dont believe it 😉

1 seller felt good, but then the price started to bounce. I was wtf. Yesterday we chatted and agreed the price, today it was not enough "because hes friend sayd so". Sorry man, im out. And then the original price was ok, after a while. Sorry man, im even more out.

2 sellers promised to give me a price, havent heard after few days.

1 seller responded after a while reading my long feature request list. Gave complately new ideas how to do it, links where i can study more etc. With this one, i felt like he is listening and he considers hes replies. Hired.

Price is actually a pretty small part of the deal. 


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