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Top 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Badly Behaved Buyers


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I speak from my own experience and from a buyer’s point of view. I would feel more secure to order to a seller who offers unlimited revision. From my seller experience, I can say it works because I’ve been here on Fiverr for two weeks and already received few orders. Fortunately, I haven’t met a buyer who took advantage of it. Obviously, if ever I will grow my profile here on Fiverr, I will change that. But I’m talking as a new seller. 😉

yes you are all most right. all of buyer’s want unlimited revision. thank you for your suggest

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From my seller experience, I can say it works because I’ve been here on Fiverr for two weeks and already received few orders. Fortunately, I haven’t met a buyer who took advantage of it.

Though none of your gigs actually have the number of revisions set to “unlimited” (even though it says it in some of the gig descriptions). So just above where the buyer clicks to “continue” to order, they see a fixed number of revisions. So that’s probably why none of them have used unlimited revisions on your gigs. Also you shouldn’t really say “unlimited revisions” in the description if in every package it gives a fixed number of revisions.

Even if having unlimited revisions in one of the packages for gigs with packages did help with orders for gigs with packages (it doesn’t seem to be the best for those without packages) it doesn’t mean it will help get the most profit/revenue for the amount of work done. There are likely lots of other things you could do to get more orders/revenue than offering unlimited revisions. It would also likely be more profitable to be working on a new order than on the 30th revision for an existing order.

FYI, I am changing that, because as I said earlier, as you grow your profile, you can start decreasing the number of revisions as you earn trust from buyers and get more experience. I haven’t changed that yet in the descriptions, that’s why you see that 😉

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Good information for new sellers. Just because you’re new to the platform doesn’t mean you should let yourself get taken advantage of.

Be patient, professional, polite, provide great customer service, and be consistent, and your reputation will reap the benefits.

That means you can still be patient, professional and polite and still be firm with what you’re offering in your gigs.

You can offer reasonable revisions without opening the door for shady people to take advantage of you for weeks or months after a sale has been marked as complete. You can even offer unlimited revisions if you’re dead set on it, just add in your FAQ’s or gig description that any revisions after the order has been marked complete will necessitate placing a new order. I would still recommend protecting yourself, and this is coming from someone who’s pretty liberal with revisions. 😉

For those who try to haggle your price down with the promise of future orders, you can always offer bulk rates for orders placed after the initial order is complete.

Definitely read the ToS and familiarize yourself with them. There are things in there that very specifically protect us as sellers from buyers who try to take advantage of us.

Standing up for yourself helps everyone. 😉

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But unlimited revisions also gives you more chances to get the work…

Can you prove this statement?

I speak from my own experience and from a buyer’s point of view.

Hello, @mjaninea,

I see you said you have been on Fiverr for two weeks. I have been on Fiverr as a seller and a buyer for three years. @gina_riley2 has been here for close to 5 years.

In her five years here, Gina has been a prolific buyer exclusively. Gina has purchased hundreds if not thousands of gigs on Fiver alone. Therefore, it would be interesting to hear of her experience with buyers who have unlimited revisions. :thinking:

As for me, as a buyer, I avoid sellers who offer unlimited revisions. To me, it says I am not confident enough in my work to get it done the first time correctly, so I need to offer unlimited revisions. 🧐

As a seller, I remember back when I was a newish seller and depended on Buyer Requests for orders; I made an offer on a request for proofreading. The buyer contacted me and said he had read my profile, looked at my proposal, and was ready to place an order, but he wanted unlimited revisions. 🤨

I told the buyer that my work was so good I did not offer revision, but I would give him one with his order. That was three years ago. That buyer still orders from me often. 😊

So, it may be best if you hung around the Fiverr Forum and gained some experience on what experienced sellers here feel works best and what does not work. Like @miiila I do not offer any revisions.

That does not mean I do not provide corrections if needed for something small, and the error was mine. Otherwise, I would charge $5 per revision. Well, that is my plan; I have never been asked for one.

Seriously guys, can people be free of expressing their own experience, opinions and thoughts? I purposely mentioned that I have been here on Fiverr for two weeks, so that whoever reads my opinion, would take it in the right way and not as an advice from an old seller or Fiverr guru. Again, I am just sharing my thoughts from what I have experienced and learned from my two weeks. And again, I never said you should offer unlimited revisions FOREVER, I only said that it helped me as a NEW SELLER to get my first orders.

Having said that, I appreciate reading and learning from your experiences and I thank you for that. But if unlimited revisions helped me in the first stages here on Fiverr, I can’t deny that.


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What can you do if a buyer spams you and the block feature is not working? I was unable to block this person from desktop, they put in a false order (which will impact my cancel rates), and now when I try to block from the app it says there’s an error. Any help is appreciated!

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