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  1. yes, I am new. Thanks for your advice/
  2. this is not from fiverr suggetion. Its the suggetion from top rated seller.
  3. 1) try to active online 12hour+ 2) Take suggetion from Fiver Forum How to get Order. 3) Send 10 Buyer request in everyday. 4) Share your Gig on social media, friends and other website. 5) try to build your community and make a good profile.
  4. From last few days, I saw that some new seller are posting their gig link on the Fiverr forum. They think Fiverr forum is a good platform to get some client. And I saw some youtuber also promote it. But it is painful. Fiverr Forum is a good platform to learn tipps & tricks from experience seller and member. hope every new seller may understand it.
  5. Don't worry, Allah says - After every bad time comes a good time. And that good time will be better than your previous condition. So be patience.
  6. Hi, I am Ibrahim. a Creative Graphic designer of Fiverr from Bangladesh. In this covid situation, My academic class is closed now. so I joined the graphic design sector. And I love my work. I am New in fiverr forum. My goal is to learn something better. Hope to get help from experts to improve my skills and build my better career in fiverr. Thanks.
  7. I love windows 10,with 8 gb ram, 1 t hard disk and 120 ssd for spreed. Now I will add a graphics Card for my work. Because I am a graphic designer. In every day i work on my pc about 12+ hour.😇❤️
  8. If your edit your gig when your gig is going on ranking,it would be affected for your rank position. because Every gigs want going to rank first page. And its a competion. Like a line of people. When you break out the line by editing you gig. You will fall down and your competitor gig are going one step forward from you. And when you will be trying enter the line again, your position will be last. Then you will be try Again with double efforts for going to rank again. This is the problem to edit your gig.. Hope your will be clear. I will write a description about this topic. You can follow me for next information about gig editing.
  9. your information are very needed for a new seller, not a Level seller.. and a new seller can find out more information about fiverr from YouTube, So Please earn your experience first and then share with other.
  10. Gig sharing on social media is a part to get some extra order. It work sometime. In last month I got 2 order from my client by sharing gig. so its a chance/ you can try it.
  11. can you tell me what was the order price?
  12. This Is a common issue for all seller at Fiverr. Fiverr use an algorithom to rank a gig. And the algorithom mainly focus on Title, description and Tag. So you should make a proper Title, unique description and low compititive keywords. And every new gig need 15-25 days to get a good rank at fiverr. So be Patient. Hope it will work early .Thank you.
  13. Right. Proper Communicaiton style and on time response is the main key for a new seller to get first order.
  14. Thanks for this wonderful topic. I have not read this topic before. It also helps all the seller with our new buyer.
  15. Such a good question, It will help other seller.
  16. thank you . This is really a informative article.
  17. This is right. But you should Making gigs in different categories. This will help you get more orders.
  18. Have you any suggestion to make a perfact gig video?
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