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  1. I want to make a video for my fiverr gig. In the video I want to do a screencapture of my fiverr gig. I am considering doing screencaptures of the fiverr catagory screen I am in as well. In my video the opening scene is of a person (me) scrolling through a computer screen doing a search for talent. Then the narrator (again me) asks a question directly to the screen. And then an avatar character on the screen responds. The two (me and the avatar) have a short conversation. All the while I navigate through my gig in the background. 

    My problem is ethical. I wonder if fiverr frowns on their members doing screencaptures of their platform. Do they? I could use a different website for my scroll but I am real sure that would not pass scrutiny by fiverr support. I am hoping that by using my own gig  and category for the screencaptures should be okay. Does anyone have some advice on if I should do this screencapture video? Or not?


  2. Although wise advice, I disagree with this. I have to because this platform is in English. What to a native English speaker may seem like bad word usage, probably seems excellent to the writer. Also consider, sentence structure and spelling vary from language to language. And since this platform uses translation software what we see in English may have been written by and translated from another language. Not having excellent grasp of the English language should not be a red flag. However, well written descriptions are a plus. Bad ones shouldn't be a minus.
  3. @vickieito Help me? Absolutely. About a few hours later I got a message from a prospective customer asking me: "Hi - I need a quick 30-45 second review on an experience you had with a company." With "My Budget is $5." Without your advise I would have pondered this. I turned it down immediately. Thanks again Tim
  4. Au contraire, being a Grand Master does have significance, otherwise fiverr would not assign "levels" to participants. Because you have spent so much time here, compared to me, means you have a lot more experience with the platform, than I do. Just because someone doesn't sell a lot doesn't mean they aren't experienced. Having spent a lot of time here also means I don't have to. You see, I (like most people) come to the forums to get information. In my case I want to clear up my confusion about a disclaimer on my gigs, that I didn't put there. You did that for me (thank you). Now I can move forward, which I am. I am in the process of creating a new gig in the video editing category. Without your expert advise I would still be procrastinating.
  5. @vickieito, thanks for the info, Grand Master. I was hoping what you said would be true, but wasn't sure. Now, I dislike the automatic disclaimer even more. "Note that sellers in this category can only offer spokesperson services and represent your company solely as such." It implies that I (the seller) can only offer Spokesperson services, isn't really true. And, as I said I want to offer more than just spokesperson services. Conclusion; the Seller in a spokesperson category CAN offer other non-spokesperson services. The disclaimer is not a restriction for the seller, except for making customer testamonials. I should read the ToS again.
  6. Update, my customer figured it out without me having to re-deliver. And he gave me 5 star review.
  7. So, by saying "the seller can only offer spokesperson services," really means "the seller can not offer paid customer testimonials." So, it is a poorly worded warning to the customer, not the seller. Does that mean the seller "can offer" non-spokesperson services such as video editing or script writing? Maybe the warning should say "paid customer testamonials are not permitted, so don't ask" Is that about right? Also "Cusomter testimonials are not permitted" might explain why only about 20% of my customers actually leave a review. I would prefer not to have any restrictions added to my gig without me having the option to approve it. Especially confusing ones like this one. @vickieito love your disclaimer. It never occurred to me (until now) that people would ask for fake testimonials. But now I'll be looking out for that. Thanks for the info
  8. My gig(s) are in the "animated spokesperson" category. They get orders from time to time but I want to add more gigs so I can get more oreders, in other categories, such as "video editing." I am not sure what to think about this "Note that sellers in this category can only offer spokesperson services and represent your company solely as such." Seems pretty clear though, don't do it at risk of being shut down. And why the restriction? I can do a lot more on fiverr but think I should not because of this restriction. Any clarifications would be appreciated. Tim
  9. Okay, I see it now. Most of the order is hidden behind a little link called "previous activities." I will pass that along. Thanks for the help @smashradio.
  10. So, I delivered an order for 5 videos to a customer. It came with 2 revisions which I did. The 2nd revision was only to 3 of the 5 videos. Customer accepted the work and closed the order. YAY! A day later he asked me to send them again. The order shows only the last revision videos. Now the customer wants me to send the other 2 through fiverr messages. Is that okay to do? And why can't I see the first delivery or the 2nd delivery. Only the last delivery shows. Is it possible to open a closed order and redeliver? Or what should I do? Tim
  11. I also agree with this change. It would be nice to have 1 or 2 username change options. I signed up as me, but my brand name is something else. And I might want to update that in the future, but can't. 🥴
  12. Frank, great advice. I have a little trouble with this one (Enable subscriptions). And that is, I don't know how to enable subscriptions. Maybe my gig(s) don't allow that or maybe I missed it somewhere. Can you tell me how to do this please? Side note: I am still sorta new on fiverr. In 6 months I've only made 2 gigs and had 5 sales. 3 of those sales have been repeat cutomers. So, a subscription might be attractive to some clients. I believe I have a lot more to offer but my strategy is slow and steady. (Get one thig working before moving on th the next thing, approach.) It is time to add a new gig to my repitroire and a subscription gig seems plausable. Do I do that when creating a gig or can I update an existing gig? Either way I have not seen that option as yet. Can you help, please? Tim Yeah, I don't see subscriptins in my dashboard. Maybe not available for the way I am structuring the gigs. But thank you for the awareness, something I can think about.
  13. Way to go. Now I have to think about offering high end gigs. Jood job. Only 15 days to, that's impressive. Tim
  14. I use Camtasia and Adobe After Effects. Camtasia? While not as powerful as Adope Premier Pro it has come a very long way in the past few years. And is a one time cost for it. You can download it to your computer and not have to pay recurring fees. You can work offline and not have to be online to use it. Most of my videos do not require high end software to cut together. Not to disparage the high end Adobe products but for those intermediate and beginner video creators Camtasia is a winner. I do have a copy of Adobe After Effects and find it complicated and way over engineered. And yes I am a qualified engineer. With a degree in broadcast electronics and an FCC broadcast license. I use AE for some things (like motion graphics) but only for very short clips. I do not have Adobe Premier Pro cause I haven't found a bootleg copy, yet. And Camtasia is a lot easier to use. While not as powerful I use other software to fill in the gaps. I.E. Audacity for sound. Snagit and Paint.net for graphic design. And some paid for video creation tools from professional Internet marketers for specialized video creation. Every video creation product has its advantages and disadvantages. You have to decide what your future is going to be before deciding which is right for you. Keep in mind that focusing on an area of expertise is the wisest course. If you just want to cut together video that is way different than complicated motion graphics and animation. Also you want to consider live action productions which requires a lot of costly equipment in itself. Here are some tips for you. Adobe products are very high end, BUT. You need a four year degree and several years experience to get the most out of them. Not to mention high recurring fees. (Which is why a lot of people opt for bootleg copies.) TechSmith products (Camtasia and Snagit) are more PC oriented and work excellently in Windows OS. TechSmith products are excellent but limited in their scope. I hate Apple products because the company treats its developers like crap. I know I was one once. Not to mention the extrordinary high cost of their products. DaVinci's color corrector is world class but also requires years of experience. to get good at I know I was a colorist for 10 years. And colorists are expensive and tend to be utilized only on high budget productions. Okay, enough blabbermouth for now. Off to work. Tim
  15. Thanks for the valuable tips. Time to change my thinking. Glad I didn't spend endless minutes creating nonsense replies thinking it would boost my reputation. Now, I know I didn't waste time doing that. Tim
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