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  1. Update. After discussing the copyright infringement policy with my client, they agreed to supply me with the product and I could make my own images, for a small fee of course. All though the logo they supplied is low quality it is theirs and legitimate for me to use. So, I got the order and the work. YAY!! Off to work.
  2. Well, I'm no expert but have had my trials with PayPal. Though my understanding is PayPal just needs a bank account to work with. So, yes your debit card numbers should work. I know this because that is how I set up my PayPal account. Have you solved this issue yet?
  3. This is good info for new sellers as well. I often get asked to supply 'real examples' of my work with the clients included material. I never do that. I always refer them to my YouTube channel. I never take a clients material and make a 'sample'. That is what I want to get paid for. Oh and I always ask for original material and claim that WE must avoid copyright infringement. I'd rather not get the work than accept work that can get ME in trouble. Tim
  4. Thanks for this info. I currently am working with a client who wants me to download images from the Internet and work with those. I asked him/her to send me the originals so that WE can protect ourselves from copyright infringement. I thought about redoing their logo and discovered it used a non-standard font. I do not know if it was a premium font or not but it looks like it. I then discovered their logo has been redone a couple of times already. I am close to discarding this project because the client doesn't seem to want to use legitimate wholly owned material. Being a new seller sucks because some people think a new seller can be taken advantage of. Now I always ask for original content and never work with downloaded from the Internet fonts, videos or images.
  5. Market your gigs anywhere you can. Use social media and include links to your gigs or profile. There are a lot of things you can do to improve gig impressions but mostly just keep working on your marketing should do the job. Relying on Fiverr search engine is a mistake many nembies make. Keep improving your gig. Don't just post it and hope it gets shown. When you are online at fiverr updating your gigs often, Fiverr notices. At first you should get a few impressions then more and more. It takes time but it works. Hope this helps. Tim
  6. Welcome to Fiverr. I would say hello ____, but you didn't leave your name so I don't know what to call you. Here's a tip always sign your name to a post. That way people can relate to you. Hope this helps. Tim
  7. Me neither, I was looking for information on the 'seller levels' But my bad I shoundn't of tried to change the subject.
  8. Cheat! Check out what other people are doing, then try to do it better. In school the teachers want you to learn on your own. In the real world we learn from other peoples work. In school this is called cheating. In the real world it is how business is done. Tim
  9. Buy an English dictionary and thesaurus. Review online speech therapy websites. Get speech educational material. Puzzles, word find, sentence completion and testing will help you improve. Practice, practice, practice. English is such a universal language that there are many dialects, i.e. British, American, Australian, Spanish English and Chinese English and on and on. So many so that there are nicknames for different accents. Like Germglish for German English. Chinglish is Chinese English. And Spanglish for Spanish English. Hope this helps Tim
  10. I'm one of those new sellers that doesn't understand the levels. I found a member the other day who is a level one seller and joined this month. I was stratled, how did he do that? Now I am confused as to what the levels are. Is there a guide on 'seller levels?' If so, can you post a link? Please. Tim
  11. Yes, thanks for sharing. Consider sending a .pdf of your work instead of a document file. That way the buyer can't just use it. If your prospect is trying to rip you off they would have to either convert the pdf or rewrite it. You can put a great big watermark on your work. That way the buyer won't be tempted to capture a screenshot. There are several ways to protect your intellectual property. You can make a pdf that is not copyable or printable if you have the right software. You can check with Google for copied material by copying a complete paragraph into the search box, with quote marks around it. If your content comes up on Google as copied you can inform Fiverr that you've been ripped off by the buyer and want payment. You can also send a cease and desist notice. If that doesn't do the job notify Google that your material was copied and request the removal of the website. Copyright infringement is serious business and have laws against it in most countries. Hope this helps Tim
  12. You might get another email from support. A review of Fiverr's support. Another opportunity to ask for support. However you have already done all the tests they would advise. Which is clean, update and reboot your browsers. What to do? Post in their forum would be my answer. Maybe someone else has a soluton. Certainly you've explained the issues. I had a similar issue a while back with my computer and I learned a new trick. Called a 'drop-kick' 1. Hold computer 3 feet above ground. 2. Let it drop 3. Kick it out the window. No wait, that wasn't it. Try this. 1. Close all applications and power down computer. Turn it all the way off. 2. Remove ALL connections, usb devices, device receivers, just unplug everything especially the power cord.. 3. Let stand for 10 minutes unplugged. 4. Plug everything back in. 5. Power up and test Here's the theory. Disconnecting all devices with force the computer to re-sync everything. Including ethernet connection, wi-fi, mouse, devices, everything including your bug possibly. Letting it stand for 10 minutes also clears any residual charge left behind in your electronics. Letting it cool off and discrarge might clear up your bug. Like I said I had a similar issue where I got that white overlay. Drop kicking my computer worked for me. Tim
  13. Read the Terms Of Service document. It not only tells you what you can do but what you can't do. You can get in trouble not knowing what is in there. If you make a mistake you might get disiplined or banned. Fortunately customer support can help and does a good job. If you need to contact customer support over an issue make sure you have read the TOS and prepared your argument properly. If your gig complies with and follows the TOS it will be class A. Might not help your ranking but will certainly prevent not ranking.
  14. I suspect trechery. I have found over the years that quality reviews often are done by unqualified people. Making minor changes to a gig shouldn't automatically derank all your gigs. However a reviewer with a bad attitude can ruin your day in a heartbeat. Have you contacted support? It is possible you got victimized by a bad reviewer. Or, that an algotithm update sideswiped your account when it wasn't intended. Try contacting support and asking them to look into the matter. That will at least get support to take a look, maybe they made a mistake. Don't forget to ask nicely. Hope this helps Tim
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