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Not getting any customers at all.


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I'd say a big part of the issue is that you're ripping off other peoples work!


This Gig image of yours for example, is clearly a rip off of this image, and you've just ever so slightly changed the Polish text to English - https://www.mojandroid.sk/nedelny-komiks-zbytocna-radost-19-2016/

That image is clearly from a Polish artist, and not you.

In a world where all it takes is a right click, and a reverse Google image search, people aren't so easy to fool.

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11 hours ago, joshnadin said:

I see you've since removed this from your Gig portfolio. Well done! 😅

Especially judging from your forum post history you've already received a warning from Fiverr for delivering non-original content.

I had received warning but after I sent them all the source files, they removed the warning from my records.


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