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  1. In my experience, PayPal is a little more expensive for withdrawals. But, I still use them as I have a verified business PayPal and everything is instant and there is no messing around. With Payoneer, I've had some poor experiences. So, I prefer to pay a little more and use the service I find most reliable.
  2. Hey Amir, Sure thing! This is something where I don't think promoted Gigs is at fault, it's simply creating more exposure which in turn is attracting more buyers I would prefer not to do business with, as I still get them organically if they have been driven to my Gig page via a promoted click or not. That being said, they do also attract more buyers that I do want to do business with! In terms of what would constitute as a red flag, the main things are a poor understanding of English which make it difficult to communicate, trying to aggressively haggle my prices on the first time on partnering, the buyers attitude in messages, the whole "I'm your boss and you do as I say as I'm paying you" mentality, plus a number of other factors. Basically, if I get bad vibes, I don't want to partner. From experience these people are unpleasant to work with and are the ones that end up seeking lots of revisions, don't clearly tell me what they want, ask for changes and/or extra work outside the scope of what was paid for, and just generally make the process hard work. I hope that answers your question and if you have anything else you would like to know, feel free to ask! It's great to see Fiverr Staff are looking through here for feedback and taking our comments on board too, so thanks!
  3. Precisely! People who aren't qualified to be giving advice, shouldn't be giving it. Aside from potentially receiving a warning for violating the ToS, it will simply make you miserable. Who wants to be constantly looking at their phone or computer, not getting sleep, not doing things you enjoy, or spending time with your family. One of the biggest motivators for me as a freelancer is being able to work as much or as little as I want, and when I want. You'll simply burn out, and when you do get orders your quality of work will suffer as you'll be exhausted. The be online 24 hours a day thing really needs to stop.
  4. Erm, what? Are you asking how to improve your skills within the Fiverr community, like on the forum? Are you asking how to improve your skills as a seller on Fiverr? Perhaps, something else entirely. It's really not clear from your post. Either way, my first tip for you is to brush up on your English. Your grammar, spelling and punctuation is important. If people think they're going to have a hard time communicating with you, they won't want to place an order or interact with you. Especially if they're from a native English speaking country. I understand English is not everyone's native language, however you can even download Grammarly and use the free version to make sure that your sentences are understandable and clear.
  5. This doesn't make much sense, but let me try to apply some logic.. Do you mean, you were promoted to a level one seller, however you have now lost level one status and are classed as a new seller again? If this is the case, you aren't meeting the metrics in order to maintain Level 1 status, such as order rating, on time delivery, order completion etc..
  6. Can we stop normalizing giving this terrible advice to new sellers that you must be active 24 hours a day on Fiverr. I don't know where this 'myth' has come from. You need to sleep, you need a work/life balance, you don't need to be consistently logged in and using the platform. But the most important part, is that this does not affect your Gig ranking in any way, shape, or form. The only difference this makes is if a potential buyer selects to toggle the option to only include online sellers, and 99% of them don't do this. But, welcome to the platform althrax07! Have a good look though the forum. There's loads of great advice from long term, experienced and successful sellers that you can take advantage of. I wish you the best of luck.
  7. This depends on a number of different factors. If Fiverr support have cancelled the order and refunded the buyer, in most cases this is when there has been a breach of the Terms of Service in some way. Especially if this is after the buyer has accepted the order and left a review. Have you reached out to Support for an explanation as to why? We need more of a overview of the situation to be able to properly advise you.
  8. If you are getting impressions but no orders, this means people are finding your Gig, however they're not proceeding to place an order. This would indicate that you need to focus on you Gig page to convert those visitors into buyers. Something will be putting them off, maybe they don't properly understand what you offer, perhaps they can't see a portfolio of your work or see any credibility, it could be a number of things. Focus on creating eye catching, but also clear and easy to read and understand Gig images to instantly show potential buyers what service(s) you offer. Then, write an engaging Gig Description that shows credibility, professionalism, your working process, and what customers will actually get when placing an order. Then, you need to work on your packages. Make what is included within every single package extremely clear so customers can go ahead and order without wondering what they're actually getting for their money. I would also make use of the FAQ section for even further expansion to common questions buyers may have. Imagine you're a potential customer who has no experience or knowledge in your niche, what questions might you have about your services? Next up, create a portfolio of your work. Show buyers exactly what they will be getting and showcase what talent and experience you have. Also, keep it realistic. You don't want to over promise and under deliver. Another thing is the price point. Too cheap, and many buyers will actually be put off, especially if you're offering a quality service. They can think it's too good to be true and most buyers don't actually like selecting the cheapest service in categories. Most people in the world believe they get what they pay for, and if they purchase a cheap Gig, they think will get cheap work. In retrospect, too expensive for the experience you have and quality you deliver will obviously make customers look elsewhere. Also consider how you present yourself. As well as the service you offer, you as a person are also part of the product that people are investing in. Ensure your English is spot on, and your description and FAQ reads naturally, and is easy to understand. When communicating with customers, be professional, yet friendly and let your personality come through. Humans communicate more through body language than speech, so communicating online is even more difficult as we can't do this when messaging another person. So the impression you create in your messages are vital. ^ This for example would be a red flag to a number of native English speaking buyers. This should read: "I am getting a minimum of 1K impressions on my Gig, however I am not getting any orders. Do you have any comments or suggestions please?" Your grammar, spelling and punctuation is important. If people think they're going to have a hard time communicating with you, they won't want to place an order. I understand English is not everyone's native language, however you can even download Grammarly and use the free version to make sure that your sentences are understandable and clear. Lastly, there's loads of great advice from long term, experienced, successful sellers on here. Once you put all the bad advice from certain individuals aside, such as 'you must stay online 24 hours a day', and 'spam your Gig link in Facebook Groups' etc.. You can take advantage of their experience and knowledge. YouTube can also be helpful. Not those 'hustle' style videos where people are trying to make a quick buck, but the ones from people who show you how to create a sustainable and successful long term business as a freelancer. You can put as much effort and research in as you want, the more you give, the more you will get back. Expand your knowledge and experience, you will not go far wrong. Good luck
  9. I've made use of promoted Gigs since I've been eligible to do so, apart from when I'm overbooked or already have lots of pending orders to complete. They are kinda' expensive, especially when you take into consideration that Fiverr takes it's 20% fee from all of your orders anyway, and then either PayPal or Payoneer will charge a withdrawal fee. But non the less, from my analytics of my promoted gigs, I'm roughly generating $250 of order revenue for every $20 I spend on Gig promotion, which is a decent return on investment. Plus if you generate a regular, repeat buyer, for paying for just the one click you could potentially receive many orders. I feel like I would earn much more for what I spend, but promoting the Gig also attracts many buyers who I'm not interesting in working with due to them trying to haggle, or me seeing too many red flags to want to partner with. So if they click your link and message you but no order is made, you still have to pay for the click. Then again, I feel like most of the people who are eligible for promoted Gigs are already doing many of the right things that will make their Gigs naturally rank highly amongst search results. So, meh. Are they worth it? I'm personally not too sure.
  10. Get in touch with Fiverr support. They may require you to verify your identity some other way, but they should be able to reset this for you.
  11. No problem at all! Wishing you the best of luck moving forward! Remember, sometimes we all have slow months even though we're doing the majority of things right. Use the extra time to refine your Gigs and get other stuff done too. Keep a positive mindset, and the orders will start flowing back in before you know it.
  12. Oh wow. The secret to Fiverr success! If only I knew this before wasting my time on building credibility and making my Gigs attractive to potential buyers. BRB. Heading to the shop to stock up on Red Bull and coffee so I never have to sleep ever again and that way I will get orders!
  13. This can be effective only if you're marketing yourself in the correct way. If you're spamming your link to your Gigs on Facebook pages where other Fiverr sellers spam their Gig links, the only people who will see your links are other sellers who are not interested in your service. Spamming your link all over the place makes you look desperate for work, usually off-putting to any potential buyer that may see it. Create a dedicated business page on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and keep the branding and tone consistent. Create or pay someone to design bespoke logo's and branding. Make yourself look professional, polished and credible. You also have to create content that people will likely engage with. You have to make it interesting enough so that it will be liked, shared and commented on so the Social Media platform will push your content out to more people. I would also advise to connect with other people and business' in your niche. Comment and like their posts, learn from them also. Lastly, you can take advantage of paid social media ad's for your business page. The great thing about them is you can tailor who your target market is, so people who are actually likely to benefit from what you offer will see them, and in turn some of them may like your service enough to click the link and make a purchase. -- If your Gig is not performing as well as you would like it to, you're likely competing in a severely overly saturated niche and your service is either too difficult to find, or not attractive to potential buyers. Or, perhaps both. The more successful orders you have, the more Fiverr's algorithm will push your Gig out to more and more people. This takes into consideration delivering orders on time, cancellation rate, public buyer feedback, internal buyer feedback, repeat buyers, plus a number of other factors. In retrospect, if the previous metrics are not being met then your Gig will suffer and not receive as many impressions. I would take advantage of the many posts here on the forum from actual experienced, long term sellers on what you can do to improve your Gig, whilst avoiding a lot of the nonsense that will either make no difference or even impact you negatively. What you decide is beneficial, and how much effort and time you want to put into refining your Gig and optimizing everything is down to you.
  14. Translator* But I never said you are, I said I see nothing at all to show to your potential buyers that you are not doing.
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