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  1. I see you've since removed this from your Gig portfolio. Well done! 😅 Especially judging from your forum post history you've already received a warning from Fiverr for delivering non-original content.
  2. I'd say a big part of the issue is that you're ripping off other peoples work! This Gig image of yours for example, is clearly a rip off of this image, and you've just ever so slightly changed the Polish text to English - https://www.mojandroid.sk/nedelny-komiks-zbytocna-radost-19-2016/ That image is clearly from a Polish artist, and not you. In a world where all it takes is a right click, and a reverse Google image search, people aren't so easy to fool.
  3. Completely false. Please stop spreading mis-information. Being online or active bears zero relevance to how your Gig performs, and has absolute minimal impact on a buyer deciding to choose you over another seller.
  4. Figure it out and put in the time, hard work, and research every buyer has had to do in order to get themselves established on the platform. Fiverr is not a 'get rich quick' scheme or a platform where just anyone can come and 'quickly make a few bucks' without being skilled in the area in which you operate. You're advertising yourself as a 'professional' on your Gigs and your Fiverr profile description. If you are indeed a professional, you should already have this figured out. Or, perhaps you should be more transparent with your buyers that you're just starting out, and maybe have some experience.
  5. Ah it's cool. It's Sunday, so I'm going to have a beer for every downvote I get today! 😅
  6. https://lmgtfy.app/?q=clicks+and+impressions
  7. If you're currently not having any luck with your Gig and had no orders, you don't really have to worry about impacting your visibility, as you don't currently have any. Something is clearly not working, you have to change something. Don't listen to the advice stating that you 'have to make a new Gig'. I change my Gig(s) regularly to keep up with market trends, new things I want to offer, improving my portfolio, and several other reasons. If nobody ever edited their Gigs, nobody would ever grow and learn as sellers on the platform, and find out exactly what works for them. It's another stupid myth circulating around the forum that if you edit your Gig, you'll never get any orders. The people giving the same advice, ironically don't have any orders. Probably because they present their Gig poorly and don't want to change it. 🙄
  8. Patience is not the key in the field of freelancing. If nothing is happening for you, waiting around and hoping things will change is not the correct mindset or approach to have. Doing nothing, or doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result is never, ever going to work. Being pro-active is actually one of the keys to being successful in the world of freelancing. If you want something to change, you have to figure out how to approach what you want to change, put a plan in place to get there, and then execute the plan. If you're not getting orders and want to generate sales, want to scale up your business and start charging more, want to attract a different kind of demographic and target a new market, or whatever you want to achieve, you have to consciously put in effort and do something to make whatever you want to happen, happen. No one ever got the results they wanted by being patient. They went out and figured out a way to get it.
  9. Of course you can raise your prices. What you really mean is, you don't feel like you can validate raising your prices to potential customers, and clearly showcasing the value of your service(s) at a higher price point. If this is the case, you need to address why you feel like you're unable to charge more for what you offer, and it's not because you're a new seller. Just because you're new doesn't mean you should be cheap. The majority of serious buyers that you will want to build long lasting business relationships with don't want to buy $5-$10 gigs at the lowest price points of your niche. Why? Because as with all things in the world, they believe they get what they pay for. How much you pay for something nearly always reflects on the quality of the product or service. Being too cheap can actually have the opposite effect and completely put buyers off wanting to proceed with an order. Imagine I offer to sell you a car for $10K, but you know for a fact I should be charging around $25K, the first thing you're going to be asking yourself and the person selling it is what is wrong with it to be so cheap. The exact same principal applies as a seller on Fiverr. Even if your portfolio is excellent, you communicate well, the service you offer is fantastic, and you have all the basics right to present yourself and your gigs properly, buyers will question why someone so good, is so cheap, and believe that there must be something wrong for you not to not charge what you're worth. Value yourself, your time, and your experience, and be confident in showcasing you're worth exactly how much you say you're worth.
  10. But more importantly, even if it was possible, it's of no benefit.
  11. I based my comment on your original post below. Cancelling orders because of too much pressure would be a seller not managing their workload effectively, which would be the sellers responsibility, thus sanitizing reviews. -- But, there is also a reason why the order completion target is 90% and not 100%. That's because buyers will extremely occasionally order a Gig which isn't suitable for what they want. But this shouldn't happen more than once in every 10 orders, which will still allow you to meet your target. If this happens to you more frequently than this, it would indicate the seller is not being clear enough with their packages, or isn't communicating effectively enough. Which is again, on the seller. I would say this happens to me maybe once every 200 orders. I target my Gigs at a certain demographic, encourage communication before the order is placed, and explain what I offer and the difference between my packages and what's included extremely clearly. As with any business you will ever run, you are going to have losses of revenue. If you own a shop, people are going to steal things. If you ship physical products, your merchandise will break occasionally. How you deal with it, learn from it and then implement new working methods in order to factor in those losses and also prevent them from happening again is what's important. I vet my buyers extremely thoroughly before agreeing to partner with them. Choosing who you work with as a seller is just important as a buyer choosing a gig. Can they communicate what they want effectively? Are they polite? What are their reviews like? Or, do I just get a general bad vibe? If so, I politely decline their order and recommend they find another seller. This will happen in most cases before the order is placed, as 99% of buyers will message you if they've never ordered with you before and you prompt them in your description. If they fail to message me before the order, and order something which is not within my skillset, or isn't the right package etc. Cancelling the order straight away at least means I haven't worked for free. If I do complete the work, I deliver it. I'm going to be paid for my time, bad review or not. As long as I can prove to support that I've delivered exactly within the requirements, the package and gig description, you should be fine if they try to get their money back.
  12. There is no such thing as being on the first page, and your idea of 'ranking' is incorrect. 'Ranking' is a fluid concept and is different for every buyer. Fiverr shows Gigs to buyers based on various factors including their location, average spend, account history, plus many other specifics. So just because you may appear on one buyers first page, does not mean you will appear on another's. Well, yes, Of course cancelling orders is going to impact how your Gig performs. If you cancel orders, you aren't making any revenue for Fiverr and are not making their buyers happy. Fiverr likes money, as we all do, and also likes happy buyers. You keep making them money, they will keep pushing you out to a wider audience. So what your saying is that you're essentially cancelling orders so that your seller rating was not effected, as you're expecting a bad review? That's called sanitizing your reviews, and is very poor practice. By sanitizing your reviews, you're manipulating how your potential buyers see you instead of competing the order to the best of your ability, and vetting your buyers by ensuring you can deliver what they want before you take on the order.
  13.  Good morning! Yes, I've noticed that Fiverr can be quite buggy, even beyond the forum. My five post/day limit apparently applies to inbox messages, too.

    You're welcome. Keep posting, please!😍 😆

  14. I really like the way that your writing flows, Josh.

  15. Buddy, without clicking your link. I'd like to tell you that I don't give two f***s about 'their successful student'. I can promise you, no freelancer was ever successful because of that guy. You can show me as many fake seller profiles as you want. You'll never convince me or any other seller that is actually successful. It's a money making scheme for him, that's all. An extremely poorly designed and thought out one at that. I mean, it may work on the naïve demographic that will pay attention to that trash, but anyone with more than 2 brain cells knows better.
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