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Tried hacking into my VPS


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So last night i have purchased this guy's service to setup my FiveM Server. Then, i have provided my information's about my vps including the passwords.

Just now like 1 hour ago, i tried logging into my server to do some checking however i was not able to login.

i got to know that this guy have changed my password and he injects a btc miner software into the vps.

my job was not done.

then when i go to chrome history he was watching youtube which is unrelated and i saw some of the videos was on how to hack ip and all.


Now i have requested for refund but i don't seem to get a reply from the guy and also lodged a report to fiverr and no reply as well.





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Hi @ahchaigaming I am sorry to hear the issues you faced with your service provider.

Based on your details, he shouldn't do this.

However, if you already asked for an order cancellation from resolution center then seller has 2 days time to accept the cancellation or deny it.

And as you initiated a report from support contact page, then support team will response you within 24 hours hopefully and they can cancel your order and refund you faster.


Please find some reputed seller so you get a good quality of work and trustworthy service.

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