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Fiverr Pro onboarding process questions

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I applied for Fiverr Pro a few months ago. A few days ago finally got an email confirming that my application has been accepted and the email had a link to set up an onboarding call with a Fiverr representative. The link set up a zoom meeting.
Is this how the onboarding process goes for every Fiverr Pro seller? I am curious what kind of questions/discussion I can expect from the call? So if any Pro sellers who have gone through the same process could share their experience it’ll be very helpful.

Additionally, though I am capable of reading and writing English pretty well. As someone who has English as their third language I have a hard time understanding foreign accents. Can this be a problem in the onboarding meeting? Even while watching English movies and shows I always end up needing subtitles to get the dialogues. Is communicating with written text messages an acceptable way to communicate in the onboarding meeting?

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Hi, I’m on the same process as you. My Pro success manager will have a zoom meetings with me at 21st. I think it’s a meeting to let us as a Pro seller get to know that how to setup a Pro gig, the success manager just help us to set it up and running in 8 weeks of time.

I don’t think we need to worry about the language, we all speak different language in real world, as long as we understand each other that’s fine. It kinda feel excited for the 1st zoom meeting ( I had a Seller Plus program zoom meeting before) but it’s not a problem, it’s an ‘nervous’ experience I can said.

Have fun, and get ready for the question you want to ask your success manager will be great.

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Congratx …ofcourse this meeting is not going so hard. Jusy relax. Yoy have crossed the main procedure. Now you became the part of fiverr pro family. I have a request… Please share some points with us that how you explain about yourself or what are the things which helps you to get their verification.

Offcourse your words are now helpfull for so many people who are willing to get pro bagdge…

Hope you understand… I have applied and got email from the team to explain some more about my services and all… And i have explained but finally i got rejected…

Please share your thoughts… Thanks

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I have been trying to get Fiverr Pro for over a month now. I am incredibly frustrated by the process and today, someone submitted my application on my behalf and my application was rejected 1 hour later.

I was on a customer service ticket about uploading supporting documents and materials since 31st October. I think the team was trying to close my application, and has moved things along despite me telling the customer service that I am not ready to move forward. I did a better job writing my draft of the application, but I was rejected without ever having the chance to upload what I wanted. I literally feel them kneecapping me.




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