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Has anyone had a problem with stonewalling


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Has anyone had any problems with buyers stonewalling their delivery? I’ve got a buyer that requested very specific work, I did it to this format, and delivered. He waited 2 days and requested revisions on the third day before it automatically accepted. When I asked what needed to be revised I got no response for 5 days so I attempted to deliver again. Same thing waited 2 days and requested revisions on the third before automatic delivery.

I asked him to accept an extension that would cancel out the days lost waiting and extend the project deadline to accommodate the revisions. He accepted but still would not say what revisions need to be made. He has once again waited for time to run out in which I tried to deliver again in which he waited 2 days and asked for revisions before automatic acceptance. This time he said that it wasn’t exactly to format but won’t explain where and won’t accept a cancellation of the project even though he has stated it’s not what he’s looking for. This whole time my on-time delivery rank has been sliding on this one project.

Am I the only one who seems to think this is intentional?

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