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Should I tell my buyer to avoid this?


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Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day!

I recently finished an order with a buyer and she left me a 4 star review. Later, she messaged me and said that she meant to put a 5 star review, so she would contact Fiverr Customer Support tomorrow and ask them to change it.

Based on what I’ve read in the Forum, I’ve understood that this action could lead me to receive a warning.

Should I tell her not to do this? I’d appreciate any advice right now! Thanks!

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Stay out of this conversation with her as much as possible.

If she chooses to ask Fiverr to change her review, that has to be 110% on her and not in any way seeming to stem from you or anything you did/said.

Pass her to CS. Honestly tho, they may not let her change her review as what is done is done.


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Personally I would reply with a few neutral words such as “Thanks for your message”.

This shows your buyer that you are not ignoring her. However, as you already realise, don’t get involved in any discussion with regards to feedback.

You shouldn’t receive a warning when you’ve done nothing wrong.

But if you replied to your buyer with something like “Please do ask CS to upgrade my rating” - then you will very likely receive a warning.

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