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  1. Looking at this from a seller’s perspective I have blocked potential buyers who have messaged me because they have used a fake profile picture. I would rather not take their work than deal with someone who feels the need to be dishonest.
  2. I thought it might be useful to share my experience of increasing my prices. For those that don’t know me, I’ve been selling on Fiverr for the past eight years. I have 500+ 5* feedback ratings. I’ve seen just about every scam possible on Fiverr. I’ve also had many totally amazing buyers. Like many I started selling $5 gigs, and then realised I was way too cheap. For about six years my main gig has started at $10. However, earlier this year I increased my fee to start at $15. I increased my price for four reasons: 1) I saw other sellers with less experience / feedback also charging $10 and achieving orders. 2) I started to notice a few less serious buyers purchase my gig (for new sellers, this is a warning sign that your prices might be too cheap). 3) Six years is a long time to hold a price when cost of living has gone up. 4) All of the three reasons combined made me feel disheartened that I was working hard but I wasn’t getting the financial reward based on experience. The result? My orders have fallen away by about three-quarters! Yes, my orders are down massively. Even though I am making more money per order - overall my revenue has more than halved. But, you know something? I’m feeling good about this. And this is my reason for posting >>>>> although I am generating far less income now, the money I do receive through Fiverr is at a rate I am much happier with. It’s made me fall back in love with Fiverr again. The orders that I do get are from buyers who are more serious and want a quality result, and I feel fresh with each new order. To my friends on the forum, I’m not going to be posting regularly but I’m still on Fiverr. Stay safe.
  3. I forgot to add this bit to my post! I agree. The moment you raise your price you notice that the really bad buyers (the scammers and those who don’t really know what they want) tend to mostly drift away. This brings peace of mind and it means that orders tend to be more smooth and take less time.
  4. I don’t normally review gigs nowadays because some people take great offence! However, I enjoy working with creative people, you’ve got some great reviews already - so I think you just need a helping hand. I actually think your gig is good overall. However, there are two problems that I can see: Your main gig image has two / possibly three errors. You have a hyphen in ‘OLD-FASHIONED’ when a hyphen should not be used, you have omitted a hyphen from the phrase ‘A SELF GUIDED BOOK’ when a hyphen is required (it should be ‘A SELF-GUIDED BOOK’). Besides, this phrase is actually a bit weird as most people would instinctively write ‘A SELF-HELP BOOK’. Although your English is okay, there are some basic errors that make the gig look a bit unprofessional. For example, you have written: WHY CHOOSE ME? 1. a hundred percent Satisfaction Why the lower case ‘a’ and the uppercase ‘S’? These are incorrect. Front cover+ Back cove There is a letter missing from the word ‘cover’. There are also quite a few other examples similar to the above. I know some people will think these are minor points. However, you’ve got to remember that your gig is aimed at writers who will hopefully understand the English language. Your main graphic example and your gig description contain errors that will no doubt make some potential buyers choose someone else. And as a designer it also partly your responsibility (certainly in layout terms) to spot such errors.
  5. When I increased my asking prices, added an extra day to my delivery times and edited my gig descriptions (around five years ago) I did initially see a small drop in orders - but overall I made more money, had more time, and I wasn’t so stressed. Since then my gigs have continued to attract new orders. It’s impossible to say what will happen to you, but my experience was a positive one. The best advice I can give is to just do it otherwise with every new order you will be thinking “I should be charging more / I am stressed because I don’t have enough time, etc”. Good luck.
  6. As @vickiespencer has said, there are no gigs showing for you in search. I’ve just checked as well. You will therefore be invisible to everyone on Fiverr, except those you’ve messaged previously or had orders from. Basically, no one can see you. Are you sure your account isn’t under review, which would also remove all your gigs from search? Why don’t you try creating a new gig (ensuring that it complies with Fiverr’s terms of service)?
  7. I hope it was a help. The key to avoiding problems like you’re encountering is to ensure that your gigs and custom offers are 100% watertight. Everything has to be factual - no assumptions, no unanswered questions, no silly promises or guarantees that can’t be kept. So long as everything is provable, in the event of a dispute, customer support should be on your side (although you will see posts in the forum disputing this). If you are totally confident that you are right and the buyer is wrong, then I would contact customer support and explain that you have carried out the work as per the agreement. If on the other hand there is room for doubt, then either do the revision if you can or just cancel the order and learn from the experience.
  8. This is the most important line. How can you do a revision if you’re not sure what the revision is? You can’t - it’s impossible. Anyway, back to the basics. If you are confident that the terms were very clear from the start and work in your favour, then you can either: Send the buyer a gig extra, explaining that you are happy to do the work, but it is chargeable. Reasonable buyers will accept this. Non-reasonable buyers will get angry and accuse you of lying and either ask for a cancellation or slate you with bad feedback. Contact customer support. Inform them that you have delivered the order exactly as agreed, but that the buyer is now changing the terms after delivery. It’s important to do this as if the buyer asks for a cancellation (probably very likely) then you have made a preemptive strike. EDIT: I have personal experience of customer support ruling in my favour in a similar situation where the buyer tried to change the terms after delivery. If on the other hand the instructions and agreement weren’t very clear, then you can either make the changes as a revision (probably involving a lot of work for no extra money) or cancel the order (meaning you lose your money and the time you’ve invested already).
  9. Fiverr will have written to you to inform you of the problem. What did they tell you? You will have to wait to see if Fiverr will release your account. There is nothing you can do to influence this.
  10. Sometimes it’s interesting to go back on threads to see how people interpret advice. I couldn’t care less that you’ve ignored what I’ve said - but I do care about future sellers who might find this thread over the coming weeks and months. You thanked one seller for their tip / advice. They have 2 reviews. You thanked another seller for their comment. They have 0 reviews. The seller with more than 500 reviews, and therefore actual genuine experience you could benefit from - you completely ignore! And you wonder why you haven’t made any sales? There is a well-known condition in psychology where people only believe what they want to believe, and ignore everything else - no matter how accurate it may be.
  11. Who knows. Impossible to say. Too many variables… Maybe other sellers were more qualified, maybe your offer was too cheap to be convincing, maybe it was too expensive, maybe others could complete the job sooner, maybe others put together a more detailed proposal, maybe other sellers demonstrated better feedback ratings, maybe other sellers had completed Fiverr tests that showed they were good to work with, maybe other sellers had better portfolios of work, maybe the buyer had already decided on the person to work with before you submitted your offer, maybe the buyer had too many offers and only looked through the first few received, maybe your offer didn’t explain the benefits of your service… etc, etc, etc… Your question is impossible to answer.
  12. Contact customer support: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new . If the buyer is threatening you I would select ‘Report terms of service’.
  13. Two important questions… Has an order been placed? If not, take @leannelrivers advice. Is the work unethical according to Fiverr’s terms of service (TOS), or unethical according to your own standards? If it’s unethical because it breaches Fiverr’s TOS, then Fiverr will cancel the order and hopefully give the buyer a warning. Good luck to him trying to report you for playing by the rules (unlike him)! On the other hand if it’s unethical according to your own moral code (but allowed by Fiverr), then you really should include a disclaimer in your gig explaining the types of service that you will not work on. Either way, what a nasty buyer for threatening you. All that will happen is that the order will be cancelled. That’s it.
  14. You’ve had some great answers already. Sadly, yes it is normal. In my experience it’s all or nothing with receiving orders on Fiverr. Some weeks I might have half a dozen new orders (a mix of new and returning buyers), another week I might be lucky to have 1 returning buyer. It’s because of this that I deliberately keep jobs on Fiverr very small to ensure that even on the busiest of weeks I can always fit them in around more predictable freelance opportunities. Fiverr is my preferred freelancing platform, but the way gigs come and go in the search is infuriating.
  15. I’ve talked about one of the images including the branding of another company. Another of the images contains large parts of a gig image used by another Fiver seller, and yet another contains a very common image (the woman sat on the floor with her arms in the air). Maybe these last two are stock images, but it’s all part of the ‘credibility’ thing. When you ask a premium fee - everything about your gig has to be premium, otherwise it just doesn’t work. I’m being factual about this rather than accusatory.
  16. Hello. A few thoughts. You have to appear credible. Firstly, one of your gig images appears to be borrowed from another external seller (The Maverick Spirit): About - TheMaverickSpirit & Co-Founders: Ankita Arya & Mayank Majeji . Secondly, your three gig images show no continuity in style - they are all in a different style and appear ‘borrowed’. For a seller with no feedback you are asking a very high price by Fiverr standards. While I always encourage sellers to set a fair price rather than be the cheapest, you are asking any potential buyer to put a lot faith in you for an unproven service. You might say you are better than most - but we only have your word on that. You are asking a premium price but there is no evidence to backup your words. You write “Although I do not regard myself as an expert in SEO, but I certainly do know how to rank a website”.This is fair enough, but most buyers will expect you to have an understanding of SEO if you are writing guest posts which people tend to buy in order to attract views.
  17. This is one of those nightmare scenarios that freelancers dread… circumstances beyond your control affecting your ability to complete a job. You have my sympathy. I suspect that you’re going to get all sorts of advice on here from people telling you to do the revision regardless to others saying cancel now and save the pain. For what it’s worth (and I rarely ever say this on the forum), I think you should stop work on this immediately and cancel for the following reasons: You’re not in a place health wise where you can provide a voiceover that will meet the client’s satisfaction. I’ve been here myself trying to redo parts of voiceovers when I’m feeling ill, the result is often crap. You know it the moment you open your mouth, and the client knows it the moment they hear the result. They won’t be happy. This client sounds like a nightmare and is providing a level of direction that is totally unreasonable. If he wasn’t happy with your first effort when you were well, then there is no way he is going to be happy now. He’s also being a complete moron by expecting you to still try and record the voiceover again after your accident. What a horrible person. You’ve already said this is stressing you out. Just make the decision that you’re not going to do any more work on the order. As you’ve said, you’ve recognised that you’re in a lose lose situation - so don’t invest anymore time in this. Message the buyer and tell them to place a cancellation request as you are ill and cannot continue with the order. Also message customer support explaining that you are ill and request for the order to be cancelled. The worst thing you can do is to try and service this buyer any more. Good luck.
  18. You are offering to translate an entire book from French, Chinese or German into English within 48 hours for $10. There is absolutely nothing credible about this service, particularly when the level of English demonstrated on your profile is not ‘fluent’ as you claim. Why would anyone order this service from you? To succeed you have to be credible. You have to be realistic about the service you offer. No one with any sense is going to trust this gig.
  19. You are selling services in very over-populated categories. For example, there are nearly 30,000 other people selling gigs to design business cards. You have to make your profile and gigs more attractive than your competitors. I think you need to include many more examples of your work. For example, your business card gig has three images but the first image contains photos of exactly the same business cards you show in the other two images! There’s very little variety, and if I was a buyer looking for a business card I would look for someone else who demonstrates more experience and examples. Also, I would encourage you to be more dynamic with your wording and to explain why a buyer should choose you. Your wording is friendly but it doesn’t encourage me to work with you - you don’t explain or sell to me the benefits of working with you. Your response time could be better, but it’s not disastrous. If you can, try and reply to messages a bit quicker than you have been doing. Without seeing an example of how you respond to buyer requests, it’s not possible to say why buyers aren’t choosing you.
  20. While feedback might be essential to you, it might not be essential to your buyer. Fiverr always automatically reminds buyers to leave feedback. So if you a buyer doesn’t review you, you can be assured that they don’t want to - rather than they don’t know they can or that they have forgotten. Just leave it. Do not contact your buyer.
  21. You’ve had lots of good advice about not chasing buyers for a review. I’m just writing to say that your experience of having 3 in every 4 buyers leave a review is about average and certainly nothing to worry about. Remember, not everyone wants to leave a review. We’re all asked to review so many things in life now - some people just can’t be bothered. My review rate is actually a little bit lower… about 2 in every 3 buyers review me.
  22. That’s a long way to journey back in time lol
  23. The whole idea of vacation mode is that buyers can’t place an order!
  24. Why is this important? Many experienced sellers would say they get most of their orders when they’re not logged in to Fiverr. And being on the forum is for sharing and acquiring knowledge - it is highly unlikely to lead to any orders. And yet, at the time of writing 11 people have liked your post!
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