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I just reached the top rated seller threshold after 6 years


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Hello Guys,
I’m happy to share my experience on the journey to reaching the top rated seller milestone. 6 years ago I joined Fiverr while I was still an undergraduate. Due to the demands of school, the journey became slow but I kept on working, offering my expertise to the marketplace.

2020 has been a challenging year for me on Fiverr. All my gigs got deranked and I barely receive orders from new buyers. With the little orders coming from old and returning buyers, I was able to reach the top rated seller threshold, but my concern is; would Fiverr honor their policy and pick me for this level?

My stats are quite good.
RR:100% DR:100% OR:5.0

Any suggestion as to why I may not be selected during the first assessment can be shared. I’d welcome and appreciate your suggestion.

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I think it depends on your category and how many TRS there already are. As for leveling this month, no clue. Fiverr is really behind on a lot of things right now, so there could be a delay mid-month.

(I know the recent migration messed up most help-page links, so for any visitor to your thread wondering: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010560118-Achieving-Levels)

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