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  1. Thank you. I’m hopeful I’ll get it, but I do not know how soon.
  2. Of course it depends on the relationship one has with those buyers. For example; I have buyers who have stuck with me for awhile now. I believe a lot of them would appreciate such gesture and not feel manipulated. However, it’d be better to reserve such till the next time of business.
  3. That’s probably because you’re a new seller.
  4. Redeliver your order! If you’re sure of your work, there won’t be any harsh response from support. It is your obligations to deliver every successfully completed orders except your buyers have tangible reasons to reject them. Go head and redeliver your work!
  5. Oh! Really? Thanks a lot for the advice. I thought sending wishes could indicate a sense of care and relationship just like the traditional way of reaching out to customers through emails and letters. I’ll yield your advice. Thanks
  6. I don’t think you’ve been checking the request page as of late. There has been a drastic decrease. For instance, article and web content niche used to be bombarded with requests, but now, you barely see up to 10 requests per day in these niches.
  7. Is that why buyers no longer post requests?
  8. Hello, Have you noticed there are fewer requests from buyers as of late? Due to my gig’s low search ranking, I tried to look at the buyer’s request section for more opportunities then noticed a drastic decrease in the requests. It’s been like that for months now. Did you notice the same?
  9. Hello Everyone, I’ve been thinking about reaching out to my customers especially constant buyers to wish them well in this festive period. Is it against Fiverr TOS? I really want to know.
  10. Thank you very much for the advice. I’ll follow your guide and see how it goes.
  11. If that is the case, Fiverr will keep creating problems they might not be able to deal with. First of all, are they sure those new sellers are not people who abandoned their old accounts since Fiverr chose to promote new accounts? Secondly, why does Fiverr chose inexperienced over experienced sellers? If it continues like this, people will start operating multiple accounts just to keep up with the system.
  12. So I shouldn’t edit my gigs at all? If so, how long will I start seeing changes?
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