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  1. Hi Frank These are some nice and thoughtful observation. Thank you for your sharing. Although I’m quite skeptical with the validity, but some of your points are beneficial to other sellers.
  2. Then your client is very disrespectful. Have you considered that they are a reseller? I would! They are definitely reseller 100%. I don’t mind reseller as long we have mutual respect on how we deal with each other, but this one in particular is really ticking my nerve.
  3. The problem is most sellers ignore that when it is written in your gig description. So, this buyer ignores the seller and places large orders due in a short time. Another solution is to add time to your basic delivery time. I do nothing in less than 2 days except for very small orders. This is my quick sketch gigs, I purposely make it a ‘pick-n-go’ style for people who want just a quick sketch of their portraits. My other normal gigs have minimum of 3 days delivery time. But yeah, some client managed to find the loopholes and decided to abuse it. Actually I’ve been telling this client to always contact me beforehand if he/she want to place a bulk orders. It’s been a multiple occassions already and yet he/she still ignoring my request. I guess this will be the last round as I will block him/her after this order.
  4. Hello there fellow portrait illustrator! Welcome and all the best with your gigs. Just a mere advice from ‘not-so-veteran’ sellers here, do invest in good scanner to scan your drawing instead of taking photos of them. It will looks more professional and your future client will get a good quality output of the drawings! It will be a waste of beautiful drawing due to quality loss when you took snapshot of it and send those to the client. Have a wonderful stay on Fiverr!
  5. Bummer. I can only add up to 6 extras. I have other 2 custom extras, so I can only add up to 4 additional figures. Well, it’s okay then, better than nothing.
  6. Ahh I see, this may works, however I think there’s a limit on how many I can do so. Also it will take space from other custom extras I’ve provided (like adding colouring, background, source files etc.). Thank you for the tips.
  7. Hello there Why there’s no addiitonal day of delivery time is added when buyer ordered multiple extras. My work policy stated that every additional figure will add an additional delivery time. However, when the buyer placed multiple figures more than one, it doesn’t add to the delivery time and it stuck with one day. 736×435 26.6 KBIf you see from the picture, 7 additional figures are supposed to add to 7 additional delivery days, but in the order system, it only put 1 delivery day. I don’t mind if the buyer doesn’t aware with it and I can just update the order to accommodate the extra delivery time, however there is circumstance of a certain buyer abusing this feature like as mentioned and refused to update the order.
  8. I got promoted to TRS on my 3rd months of evaluation after reaching the requirements. So don’t be too disheartened for not being selected in the first month.
  9. I’m a TRS, so I can give you the rough details of my cancellation rate. I have 57 cancellations, out of 2,266 orders. Mostly due to orders were being made which outside of my job scope, and like 3-4 cancellations due to buyer dissatisfaction of the final product.
  10. Illustration seller here. It annoys me when buyers come and message me that they loved my artworks, and then requesting me to do illustration which clearly different from my drawing style I’m offering in my gigs. Then why the hell you came to me then?
  11. Again because it’s old data and different level requirements I think the amounts will be very different now and those figures are for all categories, not just the writing category. This is an interesting read. Thank you for sharing this. However, just to clear the misunderstanding, I rebutting her statement of stating that I DIDN’T KNOW that new seller start with lower prices than established seller, which is baseless as I’m totally aware that new sellers tend to offer lower pricing.
  12. How you know about it? Normally, Fiverr will inform or warn you if they removed your gigs to whatever reason. Have you changed the setting or number of queue limits on your gigs? If you put limit to your gigs, once it reached the limit number, your gigs will be paused and wouldn’t appear in the search until you completed the current work queue.
  13. If you meant the portfolio in the profile, you’ll have access to it when you become either Top Rated Seller or Pro seller. If you meant the live portfolio in the gigs, showing the previous works, please see the answer below me.
  14. “Newer sellers also often times start at lower pricing until they are more established, which is part of gunning harder for ratings. It’s a fact.” The fact that you do not know new sellers often times start at lower prices actually is a fact 😂 Love that you’re just make an assumptions from my one sentence post and masked it as a ‘fact’. Let me check what’s ‘fact’ actually mean. ‘Proved to be true’. See. Do you have any proof with your assumption? If not, I can assume (see what I did there? I ASSUME) you just based your opinion from your biased judgment of new sellers point of view. Also, don’t abuse emoji in your post, it shows lack of professionalism, especially when you claimed yourself as a writer.
  15. I’m sorry but calling an assumption a ‘fact’ just making all your arguments worthless.
  16. Why is it matter? Even if the particular service is trending, do you have the actual skills or experiences to ride the trend? Let’s say you found out that software design looks like in demand, do you think by taking 1-2 days looking at free youtube tutorial or cheap udemy courses will prepare yourself to do orders? You will compete with sellers with an actual professional skills and you wouldn’t get any further. Instead of that, ask yourself what you actually good at and see if you’re competent enough for people to pay you.
  17. Naah. I wouldn’t do it even if being paid. I’m too busy with orders and it’s better for people with real qualification in site management/content to do this works.
  18. Personally, if a buyer made a bulk orders which the quantity of the delivery files exceeded the maximum limit of Fiverr’s delivery, I usually add my custom watermark. Then, I will re-release the unwatermark versions with zip/compressed files after the order is completed. It doesn’t violate the ToS, as I’m still showing the proof of completed works. So it should be fine. From fiverr’s ToS- “Sellers must send completed files and/or proof of work using the Deliver Completed Work button (located on the Order page) to mark the Order as Delivered.”
  19. You can always pause your gigs if you’re overwhelmed with order.
  20. Hmm looking for web expert with budget of $30. I can say you’ll get what you paid for.
  21. I wonder how he’ll do the promotion as you can only promote your gigs in ‘introduce yourself’ and ‘improve my gigs’ section. This is pitiful and hilarious at the same time.
  22. If she put “out of office” mode, her profile would be still visible. Probably just wait til you get your answer from the support. Nothing much we can do here.
  23. Too many reasons. Whether she stop selling on Fiverr, or the account is closed due to ToS violation
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