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  1. Seems like the criteria 'value for money' have been removed, based from my recent received review. Is it the same as everybody?
  2. I've gotten a straight 4.7 ratings for the past 8-10 orders. It's hard for buyer to put 5 stars for value of delivery as the service fees will add up to the order cost, which was outside the seller's control. I even got positive comments (exceptional work etc.) and tips, but getting a full 5 stars rating now is not easy as before. This change is ridiculous and totally unfair to the seller.
  3. Private Feedback is annoying, most regular buyers wouldn't waste time on this except for those who want to give negative feedback, thus skewing the overall impression. Defining the score solely based on private feedback is injustice and totally unfair.
  4. Hi Frank These are some nice and thoughtful observation. Thank you for your sharing. Although I’m quite skeptical with the validity, but some of your points are beneficial to other sellers.
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