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New Category Announcement


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This is very cool and helpful. Opening new opportunities is great 💯! -J Salas Voiceover

Opening new opportunities

?? They did not open anything. They took the basket with fruits and rearrange them into yellow fruit, pink fruit, and the rest fruit. So, basically, the same fruits just more categories.

If they split logo category into minimalistic, geometric, retro, vinil, stereo, mono, 2d, 3d, 4d, typography, abstract, locomoco,… you would get the illusion only 10000 people are selling logos (in each individual category).

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If [ Affiliate Marketing ] is new, how come there are people in that category with hundreds of reviews for it?

Who wants to go halvies on the scam? @marinapomorac 🙂

Hey there!

The category is new, but it doesn’t mean that people didn’t open related Gigs in the past. But now, those Gigs have a proper home with proper structure, pricing factors and metadata.

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Jesus, affiliate marketing… That’s scam central right there lol Get ready for the deluge of meksells!

I could not sleep last 🌃 at all.

I could be millionaire or billionaire soon.

I have client that wants me to use Wesley Click bank strategy to make him money. All i have to do is go on forums and blogs and share his Keto diet book filled with affiliate links and I get portion of his income…

I can not wait for morning to come and get to work.

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Very nice to get new categories! Can’t ever have too many of them.

Although a higher priority would be to first fix current categories before making more of them. Sorting options are completely broken in many categories. But that might just be the gig sorting algorithm, which in that case needs to be fixed.

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