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  1. Well, for BR above 500$ I just might force myself to take a peek.
  2. Thank you. It is actually great. Wish they notify us about the feature, not that we have to read minds. @enunciator it is actually good, check this out: image496×521 23.5 KB
  3. Hi. I do not know is this happening to all but I keep getting notifications I have Buyers request every 20 minutes and it is super annoying. I think I got message from client and it is just the BR section letting me know there are new BR for me. How do I stop this? For entire day my inbox is buzzing and it is just BR.
  4. ?? he clearly states they been working on 5 projects like this with no issue, ordered, delivered paid. This is his 6th order with the same person so hardly a stranger. Give him time, maybe he can not log in to Fiverr or something. If he comes back for another video without paying for this one, kindly send him an offer and do not start working until he accepts and pays.
  5. As I promised, here is the info, I sent 10 coupons 29.04. and now is 01.05. and again it is allowing me 10 coupons to send. So they are refreshed by calendar month. I can not send another coupon to the seller that did not use his previous coupon.
  6. No, it is not possible to decrease. Why do you feel you charged more? Is the buyer complaining on the price? If the buyer is not complaining why do anything. just complete your work and get paid.
  7. Regarding this, In a recent event Fiverr team (so staff working for Fiverr) bought items (design, video etc.) from sellers that have GIGs for: a) making your GIG photo b) making your GIG video c) writing your GIG description And they shared the files they purchased publicly with the names of the sellers. image1406×825 196 KBAnd then we have this: image1406×830 179 KBSo from this point of view, it seems that offering to write someone’s GIG description is as per rules. Maybe @ounvesabia you could ask CS directly with screenshots above is that allowed or not and share the reply here? Thank you.
  8. There is a workaround for that and that is to type the name of the buyer and word Fiverr in google search. But that is too much work. I do not know what is your day job and how much business interaction you make in a day, but just conversations in the first five minutes should be some indicator of how the seller is “breathing”.
  9. What are your skills, can you improve them? Can you improve your portfolio? Can you start your own webshop and offer service there and keep Fiverr as backup, do you have dayjob?
  10. Why was CS involved here? Did you order something and end result was not as per his portfolio samples? You can see reviews as buyers from any seller on the bottom of his profile or under each GIG. This is on the bottom of profile: image1397×744 73.7 KBAnd this is on the bottom of each GIG: image832×691 40.3 KBThey are visible to anyone, even a person without an account on Fiverr can see that. Regarding validity of the reviews, people can buy reviews as well (against the rules, but you can’t drop a pin and not hit the area with the mafia, scammers, or frauds). What were you buying and how did you look (did you start Buyers request or just pure search)?
  11. If you are talking as a buyer, it depends on a service you need. Design category is filled with random people with no actual knowledge in design. But that is “easy” to fake. My advice would be to order sample for 5$. You will lose the money but not a lot or you will find a good seller. Unfortunately there is no win-win 100% method here.
  12. image663×504 26.9 KB image641×818 73.1 KB
  13. You have link above, use it. It is not email for sellers, it is just promo email, maybe you opted out.
  14. Where does it say 140, on what pages, order page, analytic page, earning tab? Check all three and compare.
  15. You are not allowed to reveal the name of seller here. What you can do is use flag option and report him and his profile if he is asking payments outside fiverr and that is visible in communication. His account will be erased and you will get your refund.
  16. Is order really 140 or that is with extras and tips? Tips are shown separately. Check other entries with same date.
  17. Bad review - permanent, lifetime thing that can reduce or completely end your Fiverr carer.
  18. Fiverr is changing and evolving. Check Fiverr 3.0 and new updates.
  19. Topic already exists. Use search feature before making new topics.
  20. Web design and web developer, wix desiner and web benner desiner Change this to Web design and web developer, wix designer and web banner designer Also take this opportunity to completely revamp your portfolio and images.
  21. You can’t really look for photos in that resolution (You can in google search but still). You can use free tools like Canva (online) or paintnet and then resize. You can also create image in PPT, when you start new PPT just custom size the background to fit that measurement. You can double both values to have better quality.
  22. In the sea of websites for “how to get sales on Fiverr” I found this: Disaster to drive massively traffic directly to your Fiverr servicesThankfully, Fiverr doesn’t permit to advertise your Fiverr Gigs. This is a decision which destroy your services as it kills your Fiverr Gig ranking. Fiverr ranking is very important and is very difficult to increase it profitably. It is nothing for us to kill a well working Fiverr Gig. But we are here to show you how to create a well working service. This is more difficult, of course. If you have find any way to drive massively traffic to your Fiverr Gigs, stop it at once. It kills your ranking and stops visibility inside Fiverr. This means you have no impressions. You just raise your views because of massive traffic. We will explain why this situation can be recovered and make your Fiverr Gigs visible again. You may have heard a lot of sellers who had massive orders and sales suddenly stop to get the same amount of impressions and orders. Wondering why? Fiverr tracks a rolling 30-day conversion rate of each gig — meaning the percentage of people who visit your Gig and turn into buyers. Fiverr loves to feature the high-converting gigs because they don’t make any money until someone buys something. Their homepage is undoubtedly a big “money page” for them, so they want to highlight the gigs that have a proven track record of converting browsers into buyers. Fiverr Gigs ranking is calculated according their last 30 days. This is the reason the situation can be recovered. When you raise the views approaching people who may not be interested in your service, you decrease the amount of orders/visits and make your gigs invisible. Fiverr loves to show to buyers well designed services with many happy buyers that sell too often according their visits. Statistically, Fiverr knows how to rank gigs according orders/visits. Don’t believe that if you have 5 orders from 5 views you are going to be first place. Something smells bad in this. They are smart enough to understand what is fake or not. Instead of killing your Fiverr rank driving massively traffic directly to your Fiverr Gig, you can drive massively traffic outside Fiverr to avoid changing Fiverr indicators. This is not dangerous, as blast traffic to ***********, for example, or to social media as *********** is using massively, leads people to see your services outside Fiverr. Only people who are really interested in your services linked from *********** will visit your Gig in Fiverr and they are the most potential clients for you. This leads real interest visits to become orders. Your Fiverr indicators will raise your ranking in Fiverr and suddenly will start getting orders as your impressions in Fiverr will raise. Let’s make it easy to understand how Fiverr ranking worksIt is very logical to wonder why to share *********** listings instead of Fiverr services directly. The answer is something you may not know. In ***********, we are listing your Fiverr Gigs exactly as in Fiverr. Everyone reading your service in ***********, if he is almost sure and determined to buy, visits your service in Fiverr through ***********. This means, he read what to expect and almost decided to order. A visit – view in Fiverr turns to order and sale. Now Fiverr knows that with some views your service making sales. Fiverr loves services that sell increasing impressions to them. We all need impressions in Fiverr to sell massively and positive reviews of course, something that depends only on your service delivery. What happens without ***********? Sending visitors directly to Fiverr where they explore your description instead of ***********, it is absolutely not sure they will order. But these visitors are views in Fiverr’s indicators which means that your service raises views not converting to sales. Fiverr doesn’t like these services. Reduces impressions for these services because they don’t sell. Fiverr love sales so is ranking first the best sellers. That is the reason you can bring massively traffic and views to *********** and capture linking to Fiverr only those visitors who are really interested in your service. Why I should share my Fiverr Gigs on social media, pages, groups etc?Social media is a very powerful tool to share your Fiverr Gigs. *********** is building day by day powerful social accounts with Fiverr interests for your services to be shared. We also try to share *********** posts of your gigs to groups and pages related to Fiverr as we have to approach people in *********** Remember that we do not need just visits in Fiverr. Some kind of interests explore your service in *********** and if they are happy the might visit as a potential clients to order it in Fiverr. Going directly in Fiverr, they will choose the first ranking one. What else could *********** offer to my services to make interests buy it?We do not approach just Fiverr sellers like you who want to promote your services. We also approach buyers to explore your services. Why a buyer could visit *********** instead of Fiverr? The answer is our new feature of 20% discount. We approach buyers to provide them with Fiverr Gigs of their interests with the 20% discount option. Buyers approaching you in *********** to buy your service in Fiverr and when you pay them back 20% outside Fiverr platform, submit their review. We all know how important is a positive review. The design, the text and the image depends on you. You can find tutorials in *********** and we will add more. The reviews depends on your work and quality of your service. Communication and speed is also important. So, *********** is also approaching buyers for your services outside Fiverr if your gig offers 20% discount. A search bar just for discounted Fiverr gigs has been added for all buyers to approach with a simple search. How can I use *********** to gain more visibility to my services?*********** is available for anyone. It’s free. But, we have to admit that to keep this service website active we need too much time and effort. This makes necessary to take care more carefully and with extra willing to help our Premium Members. Our Premium members get 5x – 10x times more visibility in our website and in social media as we repost their Fiverr Gigs with multiple posts. We provide YouTube submission in our channel and we already build our new first page to promote Premium Gigs randomly and massively. ![Why to use ***********?, We have a discounted price for you to try our Premium Membership for just 7.95$ per month with no recurring payments. Your Fiverr Gigs are being placed first page as promoted and shared massively to our socials. [Check Our Premium Plan] We also have some partnerships to share with you and get more from their services. Always for free! How To Get Orders in Fiverr Welcome Fiverr Sellers. ———Please Read Carefully.——– The target is to reach high ranking in Fiverr and start getting massive orders. What makes Fiverr choose gigs ranking? On the homepage, Fiverr needs to showcase the breadth of services people can find on the site. This is their first impression and they have to display carefully a wide variety of offerings that appeal to mass segments of visitors. Probably, an algorithm is partially responsible for deciding who gets on the homepage and who gets a featured listing, but I believe there is at least some manual approval process. We can agree to the following… -Fiverr loves sales. -Fiverr tries to feature the most valuable services that buyers prefer. -The sales statistics guide Fiverr to understand which services people like and sell more. So landing on the homepage is great exposure if you can get it. According to the facts above, the criteria for ranking services may be the following… 1.The number of sales raising When the number of sales is raising, people seem to prefer this gig, according to it’s description and general impression. Fiverr high rank these gigs. Remember. Fiverr loves sales. 2.The Percentage of Positive Reviews When the percentage of positive reviews in the total number of orders is high then the ranking is getting better, as people express their happiness with this service. Fiverr loves to provide first page services that people like giving excellent feedback. Remember. Fiverr wants to sell. 3.The Conversion Rate is high Fiverr tracks a rolling 30-day conversion rate of each gig — meaning the percentage of people who visit your Gig and turn into buyers. Fiverr loves to feature the high-converting gigs because they don’t make any money until someone buys something. Their homepage is undoubtedly a big “money page” for them, so they want to highlight the gigs that have a proven track record of converting browsers into buyers. So, you have a great chance here to start raising your sales, your positive feedback and your conversion rate. Let’s built trust between us. Let’s take advantage of**************** Directory and build a community to provide better services and order from trusted people. Trusted Members. Sellers are also buyers. You also need to order some services for your business. Why do you have to order from best ranked gigs in Fiverr? Sometimes orders quantity, kills delivery quality. You can provide quality services inside Fiverr. We can introduce your services to our members through a decent and fair point system. And we will do it carefully. We all know Fiverr ban sales exchange. We don’t provide exchanges here. We introduce our members services to each other in a way nobody knows if an order is from a member or not. We share our thoughts and the delivery results through comments inside **************** and help each other to fix and provide better services. Why to use ****************? **************** is a great opportunity for sellers and buyers for many reasons. As a seller As a seller you have the opportunity to list your Fiverr services in a directory where there is a new audience with common interests. Unfortunately Fiverr is not giving the appropriate visibility to your services if you don’t have any sales and reviews. Your Fiverr services gain also visibility through our social accounts. We are reaching almost 1600+ services and we have 1000+ members to share your Fiverr gigs including your talents with them. You have also the opportunity to approach new buyers offering 20% discount minimum or more if you agree contacting with them. This is a powerful weapon to gain sales and positive reviews. These are the keys to increase your visibility inside Fiverr and start making real money. But the most important is to start getting sales with few clicks. That is the reason we don’t sent to your Fiverr Gigs direct massively traffic. This is something that kills your Fiverr Gigs. Even if advertising was allowed by Fiverr, this massive traffic without sales would make your Fiverr Gigs low ranking because of low sales. So you need sales starting and undoubtedly only positive reviews. Social Media are helping on this. Premium Members gain 10x more visibility instead of Basic Members. This is not because we treat them better, but always a first page is the most viewable and gets more attention. The statistics and views are the proofs. So, as seller members, sharing our ***************** listings on social media or rating ++++++++++ Android App, we make our Premium listing accessible and viewable to many people. We are building a new platform where there are sellers who offer to buy your services and leave you positive reviews for a small fee. This way, sellers with no sales, start getting sales. Check it at LINKSI DELETED FIRST PART OF URL.com/gig-preview/i-can-order-your-5-usd-fiverr-gig-and-give-you-feedback or I DELETED FIRST PART OF URL.com/gig-preview/i-can-order-your-10-usd-fiverr-gig-and-give-you-feedback So, you have a great chance here to start raising your sales, your positive feedback and your conversion rate. You pay for this order 15$ but you get back in Fiverr a sale, a positive feedback and 8$ from the sale. That means, your real cost is 7$ as you get back 8$ from the sale in Fiverr. Believe me, the most important is the sale and the feedback. Because if you could order in here about 10 sales, you would see the visibility growing inside Fiverr and new orders come alone. If your gig is a guide or something unique, I can’t repeat the order. But if it is a service like traffic, graphic or something else, then is obvious for some buyers to buy from the same sellers if they are satisfied. Very important: You have to deliver the order in Fiverr normally as anyone else. For example, if you create logos, I will ask you for what I am interested in and you have to deliver a logo. Everything has to be delivered as usual. Requirements from user Send to me your Fiverr Gig link and I will order as soon as possible. Thanks. Buy now $15 You can participate to this platform and create similar gigs to sell orders in Fiverr. As a buyer As a buyer you have the opportunity to find talented people offering discounted Fiverr services and do your job in best prices. So as a portal we offer people your services outside Fiverr to link to your Fiverr Gigs in Fiverr. We know what we are doing and how to help you succeed.
  23. You can easily find this out in search for each category. You have list of sellers and countries there. What you will get here is country of people using forum, which is fragment of Fiverr users.
  24. Only 6 results… not looking promising image866×1091 265 KBNo sellers with experience in this. I think you are not going to find what you want here. image863×381 60.1 KBPlus if they actually knew how to do this and to be profitable I really doubt they will be doing this on Fiverr.
  25. Report them, all of them. Just the fact they are asking for money outside Fiverr they will get warning and maybe ban. Use search feature and select Level2 and TRS sellers, and read the reviews. I do not know what you need but also be prepare that quality comes with the price. And to be honest, look at the photo and then read the description " My name is Linda" Do you really think his name is Linda?
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