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  1. Hi Msrana, Every next step demands more hard work, patience and delivering perfect services to win buyer’s trust. Fulfill all the requirements to reach your goal. All the best,
  2. Let’s break it down. Social media: Creating “how to” videos on YouTube, sharing on relevant Facebook pages and groups, helping others on LinkedIn, CAN get you sales. The problem is not everyone has the time, inclination, ability, charisma, etc, to do this. Stay online 24/7: Some buyers like to communicate with the seller before ordering, others are happy to message and wait for a reply. Either way, the seller is not going to wake up in the middle of the night just because someone sent him a message, and keeping your computer on 24/7 is bad for the computer or the smartphone. Devices like people, need to rest. Send 10 buyer requests: This can work, and with copy and paste you can do this in minutes. The trick is to find the perfect buyer request instead of messaging everyone. I think some new sellers are trying to get attention, so they share the same advice. I am surprised how few people talk about gig title, tags, gig image, gig description, gig video, etc. That’s the advice I’m looking for. Hi Fastcopywriter, I totally agree with you. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Really, the same things are taught to newbies but you have done a great job. Thanks,
  3. Hi there, I am very pleased to see this post. All points you highlighted are superb tips. Really it is so. If we all sellers follow these tips, can come to the top very soon. I am so happy, you shared your experiences here. Thanks,
  4. Hi Chalice, Earning those numbers and part time work don’t match. Always remember there is hard struggle behind big success. Success even demands more than full time working. The road to success is a winding path. Fiverr adds more to our earning and esteem only if we do continued struggle and never quit. All the best,
  5. Hi there, The first tip I got from the buyer was 5$. It was a great pleasure and more than money for me. Good times,
  6. Hi Flameluck, No matter, if the order has been automatically completed, you can still contact Fiverr Customer Support and let them know the whole situation. The buyers even after completion of the order go to fiverr and get it cancelled if they are not satisfied with the seller’s performance. So you should not worry about, this issue will be resolved very soon because fiverr is a good platform and provides much support to the buyers. Also they want to see only responsible and professional sellers not the scammers. All the best,
  7. Hi Ameer Hamza, You are welcome on this platform. This forum has much for your learning and Fiverr will add to your earning and esteem. Best times,
  8. Hi Ecemumu, Welcome to the Fiverr family. Obviously, you can turn the clicks to sales if you’re putting good enough gigs. Focus to provide best of your services, maintain good gig images and very effective descriptions. Wish you all the success on Fiverr. Best times,
  9. Hi there, Focus on making effective gig titles, and professional gig description. Your Gig description must be the perfect reflection of your skills and experiences. It should be grammatical errors free and add an engaging image.
  10. Exactly, buyers often send such requests, ‘5000 words per article and I need 5 such articles all in 5 dollar.’ 😂 They don’t know the value of work and the worker. Must avoid them and be professional, honor your expertise.
  11. Hi Mtr9000x, Welcome to Fiverr Platform. Wish you endless success.
  12. Hi Sumon, I will suggest you not to delete the account rather work more hard on it and it will turn to be a successful account. Make effective gig titlesModify the gig descriptions, spread keywords in it professionally. Also it should be grammatical error free.Keep checking whether your gigs show in search results, on what page.Try hard to deliver best services.Do timely deliveryShare your gigs on social mediaLearn with earn. Learning is earningHope it will be helpful.
  13. Hi Arazzaq, Welcome to this forum. Just read few posts on the forum and you will come to know why freelancers, particularly the sellers join the forum. You can learn a lot of tips and read your senior’s experiences which prove to be helpful in future. My only purpose to join the forum was learning. You will also learn a lot here. Best times,
  14. Hi, Informative tips, will be helpful for the new sellers. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
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