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3 minutes ago, kartik7679 said:

I have already active mostly 20 hr, but I have not any order ? 

Which mean, being active for long time is not the efficient way to get order. This is just a waste of time that you might use to improve your skills, learn new things, improve your profile and gigs.

You are in the most challenging niche. There are more than 14k gigs about b2b lead generation. It's time for you to use your skills as specialist to get orders.

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4 hours ago, kartik7679 said:

Hello There...

How can marketing my gig on social media?


Thank You..


You can share your gig on different social media sites, for example: LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Also, you can write an article or blog about your service. 

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Hello @kartik7679 

Our algorithm takes many factors into account, which means the results vary by user. Since the marketplace is ever-changing and competitive, we suggest working hard to ensure that your Gigs stand out.

There are some great threads from the Fiverr community and Fiverr employees on the Forum that we recommend you read:


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Hi @kartik7679! The important thing when it comes to promoting your gigs on social media is that it requires a strategic and consistent approach. It's not enough to just spam users with links to your gig. I wrote a post highlighting some helpful tips for this on the Seller's Best Practice board. You can check it out here: 


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