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  1. Sorry for late reply Purple is similiar to black - relates to luxury products & services. That's why a lot of chocolate companies uses it, perceiving buyers into thinking that eating their chocolate is a luxury :D
  2. Im using samples of my work without any text in my gig, why do you think im not implementing my topic idea? The main purpose is to stop filling gig with information which I achieved I think :D
  3. Hi, as a graphic designer you want to look as a creative person. So orange and yellow fits. We don’t want to have our gig images too colorful tho, so maybe orange + white or yellow + white? You can even dig deeper and for example if your target market is mostly made of males then you can utilize that and use colors that most of man likes, like blue.
  4. Guys with no sales telling everyone to advertise on social media: https://media1.giphy.com/media/8VSaCyIdcnbuE/giphy.gif(image larger than 4096KB)
  5. Its crazy how freelancing can make you one month earn a lot and one month earn close to nothing 😅 Still its much more rewarding than 9 to 5 isn’t it
  6. True Today I decided to stick only with one gig cause it was producing ok 90% of results. You can have 12 gigs and no orders at all. Doesn’t matter if you target a lot of people if nobody wants you. I’d say go with what works and focus on that. Other stuff is waste of time. (Not teaching you ofc cause you know that just giving advice for ppl reading this topic)
  7. You look like mix of mexican gangster, asian steppe nomad and rockstar It looks really cool tho
  8. I will definitely think about this, most of my orders I need to time extend (honestly my time estimation game sucks im too optimistic) which probably have very bad effect on my gig performance.
  9. 1238×321 18.6 KBThis is impression stats for my best gig. Im recently experiencing some spikes in impression and I was wondering why? Turns out on March 20 (where the biggest spike is) I got order. Which isn’t anything weird the thing is that buyer directly ordered from my gig. Now I always say in my gigs to contact me before order and then im always sending custom offers. I got 5+ orders from custom offers during this month and those didn’t affected my gig in any way. One order directly from gig and my gig performance doubled. Of course this is just theory but what you guys think? Also the curve is raising from March 19 so it’s really hard to tell whether later boost comes from March 20 order. But this is something valid to discuss imo
  10. Great idea, I would love to hear something from fiverr engineers. If fiverr could host at least one backend developer who could answer at least some of our questions it would be amazing.
  11. Yeah much respect to Frank, its very rarely to see so good topics here
  12. I disagree, when I was level one and level two it didn’t really did much to me (besides getting much lower views when I became level one). Now im not even level 1 and 2 orders in my queue are around 200$. And im just 18 year old kid right? People suddenly have a lot of money when you are providing something they desperately need. But you won’t have that experience providing data entry or whatever. Imo the levels give somewhere between little to no benefits, just as doing knowledge tests. And if you will become level 1, level 2 or even TPS just by bringing clients outside there is big chance you won’t succeed. You have to take a lot of time to study “fiverr game” and how to make it bring you anyone. Doesn’t matter if you are level 1 or TPS.
  13. I don’t see any point working on fiverr when you have most of your income come from outside. You are not really proffiting on fiverr this way? I don’t understand your idea If you can get clients yourself what’s the point of using fiverr which main purpose is to bring you clients?
  14. I also feel like it. The more clients I have in queue the more is inquiring, while when I don’t have any sales im usually without orders in queue for 1-3 weeks.
  15. I share this confusion a lot of times, though I like to edit my gigs a lot.
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