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Be warned! lost my level 2 status for not replying to spam


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I worked hard to get perfect ratings and level 2 status on Fiverr. About a year ago I put my gigs on hold as I became more of a buyer and even achieved VIP buyer status. Last week I got notice that I lost my level 2 status (even though I havn’t performed a gig in a year). Now today I lost my level one status.

I contact Fiverr to see whats going on and they tell me I havn’t replied to my messages. I check my messages and it’s just a bunch of people trying to sell me stuff! SPAM!

Be warned! I lost all my great history of work and gigs and happy customers cause I didn’t reply to spam mail. So, if you want to drag someone down, just shoot them a few sales pitches until they don’t reply and bam!!!

I’m disgusted with Fiverr. The guy I’m talking to in customer service (I wont say his name). He’s like, “yeah you didn’t reply”!. What a joke. I’M THE BUYER. I’m not providing selling services. I got 100 messages from people trying to sell me stuff.

What a joke. Be warned!

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It’s always best to say “no thanks” and report or block or both. But never ignore a message…

I guess your right. He just told me “you must report spam in 24 hours”. I don’t even have any seller services for sale. I’m a buyer. I guess if you go out of town for a week and put your gigs on hold you can come back to a zero status.

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