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Why don’t we see client name in desktop version?


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Generally this question comes in mind of alot of freelancer working here. As most of the time you get a message from buyer but asking for information that take you outside the fiverr platform or just disappear from the platform when you try to reply to him/her. My question is how to know that the buyer is verified. Is there a method that tells buyer information is authentic and it’s ok to proceed with it.
Need your suggestions

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Hi Mirusmanghani brother,
Yeah, that’s a real irony in some cases.

But don’t worry I have got some real suggestions for you-

1) When buyer knocks, look at his profile and see if their profile is new or old.

  • image.png.01d2d41618722f3b184e648608346e95.png

2) If it’s new, proceed with caution! but still, proceed.

  • See for any reviews that the buyers have in his profile (We can put reviews to the buyer in their profile now as sellers)

3) Then talk with them about the order and ask briefly what they need.

  • If you are 100% sure that you can fulfill the order then take the order through Fiverr.
  • Always be inside Fiverr, no matter how much the buyer offers you to drive you out.
  • Put some requirements in your gig while placing an order.
    That way the order will be pending for requirements if the buyer do not provide necessary things needed for order (Direct orders).

4) If the buyer asks you to drive you out, then politely say that it’s not allowed in Fiverr, and you only work inside Fiverr.

5) Always be transparent and if you must need any information of buyer account

  • (Login Details of the website for web design) then take those details from the order page of fiverr.

Hope this helps!
Good Luck 😊

Mohammad Ali Nijhoom
Web Designer & Digital Marketer

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