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One buyer "looking" for another buyer


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This might be a bit of an odd question, but I’ve just received a message from a buyer (Buyer A) who is looking for someone ELSE who I’ve worked with in the past (Buyer B) that they’ve ‘lost contact with’.

I was wondering whether I should 1. pass a link to Buyer B’s profile to Buyer A, 2. message Buyer B telling them about Buyer A, or 3. just ignore it.

It seems like a breach of buyer-seller confidentiality to go running around trying to link these two people (and I haven’t worked with Buyer B since August, so it would be out of the blue to message them. I also have no obligation to.) Buyer A has provided some evidence, but this is in the form of a Fiverr order receipt and they have no reviews on their profile, so it kind of looks like they got banned and they have a second account. No idea what’s going on, really.

I hope this rambling makes sense. I’m not exactly sure what course of action I should take.

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