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My first gig, what should I do?


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Hello, I’m new here 😌
I created my account 2 days ago and I landed my first gig yasterday, but I have a little problem.

A guy asked me for help, he want to setup a code on his server, the code required a root access to his server to make it work.

I Asked the guy before he made the order if he has access to the root on his server and he said yes.

After he placed the order I discovered the guy doesn’t have root access to the server he own.

So now I can’t complete the order, I contact the guy hosting company to give me root access but because the guy hosting plane is “shared server” the refused to give me privilege.

I screen shot the email I got from the hosting company and send it to the guy to read it.

He said okay, and now he wants me to do something else like fixing an error in his server,

I said okay I will fix that for you and he doesn’t respond at my msgs at all now.

The gig will end in 5 hours from now! What should I do?
I don’t want him to leave a negative review?!

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