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How did I miss that?


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So every now and then, I get requests for cancellations.

In some cases it happened since the buyer did not read the description,

or asked for too much to be covered in one gig and did not want to pay extra,

and the worst ones are when they place more than 10 gig and telling me that they did it “by mistake” right after that.

HATE those.

Anyway, just a while ago I was looking back at past orders, including the ones that got canceled, and I realized that

one order got canceled AFTER I sent the finished gig. I do remember the buyer thanking me, but I guess she/he

canceled it right after that, took my image, and I was left with no payment. (BTW this scumbag’s account has already been closed)

Thank god it was just the basic $5 gig that didn’t take much time to do, but still it makes me upset, and I don’t remember getting any

messages or notices from Fiverr telling me that the order has been canceled.

Do stuff like this happen?? :-/

I can’t believe I missed it, 'cause if I knew that he/she had ran off with my work

without paying for it, I would have pulled out my black magic kit with my crystal ball and fake goat blood to

perform a “May-you-suffer-from-terrible-diarrhea-for-the-next-48 hours” curse on him/her right away!!! >:)

Awe darn.

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Yikes, so it does happen then.

I’m sure some people would say “Awe come on, it’s just $5, you’ll get orders from other

people”, stuff like that, and yes, I do get orders but still it makes me angry.

I thought the buyer ordered my gig because he liked what he saw, and he did thank me,

so I guess he really did like it,

BUT then running off with my image and getting it for free…GRRRRRRR. X(

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