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My opinion about gig Ranking


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where you actually use those keywords ?? in gig tag or into the description ?

You should use the keyword in-

  • gig url
  • gig title
  • gig seo title
  • as tags
  • in the description ( try to keep the tag in the first 168 characters of the gig description, and of course use 3 to 8 times in the full description)

You really awesome, I learned many things from your comment.

Thanks a lot.


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Using the best keywords means using the keywords everyone else is using, sometimes it helps to have one or two keywords that are not too obvious.

For example, you have this gig:

I Will Design Professional Unique Business Logo Design

If your keyword is “logo,” that’s a lot of results.

If your keyword is “bar logo,” that’s 150 results.

Restaurant logo gives 373 results

Hotel logo only 69 results.

Real estate logo is extremely popular, with 5589.

So you should think about who you want to target. Lots of businesses need logos: churches, bakeries, non-profits, community organizations, individual religions, political groups, etc.

And you should look at your other gigs as well.

There are 71 results for “vintage t-shirt,” are you using that keyword in your t-shirt gig?

You have really done a great research and Thanks for sharing your knowledge. 😀

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Of course! We are all in this together. Fiverr is not just a place to buy and sell…that’s the stock market…it’s a place to connect and make lasting relationships.

Thanks a lot for such warm and welcoming comments by you dear Melissa.

This is Soban Shah

I am brand developer and I live in Pakistan.

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