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My opinion about gig Ranking


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I see you changed the title of your gig, first gig I mean and also corrected the prices. Good. Bad image! Too dark! I can’t even tell what that is. Try a bright attractive color of some kind with an easy to see image on it.

If you do branding you need to get some better branding for your own gigs. All black? It does not grab attention. It’s gloomy. It’s hard to see what it is.

Look at all the others who do branding, at what their gigs look like to get some ideas.

Your branding business is in the business of creating an image that gets results. Study the others doing it and try to see why they are first on fiverr. Believe me that fiverr has staff that looks at this and decides. I’m not sure if they do it for all gigs, but I know they do it.

Which color most of the buyer attractive?

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