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  1. How can I increase my profile exposure ? Due to low profile exposure, my gig impressions have been decreased to 7-9 in 24 hours.
  2. How can I increase my profile exposure ? Due to low profile exposure, my gig impressions have been decreased to 7-9 in 24 hours.
  3. Despite of doin all the research on keywords and writing good description, my gig impressions are extremely low e.g. 7 or 9 in 24 hours. What should I do to increase the exposure of my profile?
  4. Thank you so much for the beneficial advice. My question is, "Does the promotion of gig on social networking platforms work?"
  5. It’s up to you to control your emotion and change your attitude towards the situation If I have slow months I take it as a learning curve and not a disappointment I am glad to know that you are enjoying your work. I hope I’ll be successful in handling the situation. Its irritating for the moment but I manage it later. Thanks for your guidance.
  6. You are right but in a case when you have to apply for 10 jobs daily and you don’t get any green signal from them, you are a little bit disappointed. Am I Right?
  7. Hello, I am Soban, a level 2 seller on facebook and I am a Graphics Designer by profession. I have noticed a high saturation of untrained freelancers on fiverr since last year and it effected many areas specially Buyer request section. What is your opinion regarding this. When the buyer has a lot of buyer requests, he won’t get stuck in reading each and every single one. In this regard, the buyer request section’s usage is decreasing as it is not benefiting the seller at good level.
  8. Hello Maliha, I know you might have got various tips form experienced sellers. I would advice you to be consistent and never loose your hope. Good luck for a bright career ahead.
  9. You meet additional quality metricsThe above unspecified requirement is from here: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360011563858-What-Gigs-Can-Be-Promoted Thank you so much for your kind advice. What is included in additional Quality Matrics?
  10. Hello Sir/Ma’am, I am a level 2 seller and fulfill all the conditions which are required for the Fiverr Gig promotion program. Surprisingly I did not get any notification from fiverr about promoting my gigs. I wonder what else is required to be enrolled in this beneficial program. Seek your kind guidance. Thanks
  11. No worries at all. You have a bright future waiting for you. Good Luck MR. Modern
  12. Hi there, Being a level 2 seller on fiverr, I learned a lot of things in this giant platform. Coming to the point, enlisting few positive changes which you can do to boost your profile. 1- Be always relevant, wear what you do. 2-Illustrate only relevant skills in your gig description 3- Rather than running towards SEO and other tricks, be true to yourself. 4-Create a gig like you are building your own brand in market. Good Luck. Soban Ali Shah Level 2 Seller, Branding Expert.
  13. Exactly and same time a lot of people are trying to achieve this target.
  14. Hi Jenny, Being a Level 2 Graphics Designer on fiverr, I warmly welcome you here. I am glad to realize that you are doing good but what I observed, you need to pay more attention on your niche and your outward appearance on social networking platforms which will attract your potential customers and you’ll enjoy your work on fiverr. Keep promoting your gigs and keep observing the high performing gigs. Regards Soban
  15. Welcome on fiverr :- I am glad to know that you are Architecture Graduate. There are few categories on fiverr which allow you to offer your skills like Town planning and “Other services category” I wish you good luck.
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