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  1. If we get this badge does it help our gig to rank up?
  2. Hello Last Year My gig was on the first page and I have completed many order. After one cancellation gig was gone from first page, and its almost one year my main gig is out of rank still. This year I have completed so many order from old buyer but there is no luck. Try every possibility but not worked. Is there any advice for me. What can I do? Thanks
  3. after 87days , Do the skill test again. Be prepare before take any skill test.
  4. Hi everyone. I have a question in my mind that if any order is running on revision for a few days like 7 or 8 days. Does it do any bad effect on gig ranking? Though its showing order 3 days late . Thank you
  5. try to get some job from buyer request I think it will help you to boost up your gig
  6. try to work with the old one. if you do the good work you will get new order. Everything is depend on your skill
  7. Not well…everything is shut down…Trying to learn some new skill 🙂
  8. did everything right even getting order form buyer request but I don’t know still my every gig is on the last page…disappointed
  9. I was on first page and getting order everyday but recently A order was cancelled and after that my gig is gone from search result.How can I get back it on search…any tips? it was my first cancellation.
  10. yeah! old seller effected extremely…I saw many old seller are not getting order but they have huge review…for me this year is extremely bad…
  11. when I search logo design i saw many gig is on first page with low review (9/10) and so many gig they have so many review but they are not in first page.how’s is it possible,is there any trick to come first page?
  12. I’m 100% agree with you…but sometimes it takes 48hours…
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