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Help Me Out Guys


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I Have a Buyer (fragglesrock).

I sell GIG to Him.

First Time He Rejected It and Said Its available on WEB for Free.

Than I send Another Which I Make by Self with my Own Experience and give It Unique Name.

And Now He Rejected It too saying Its also Available on WEB, But Before Giving it to Him I checked it on Web It was not there.

Can Anyone tell me Where to Contact Fiverr Customer Support.

Because when I Go to Resolution Center It said Just Cancel Order.


Uttkarsh Yadav

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thats very bad,what is it that is not available on the net,the buyer is just been a bad one.its a service you rendered him by selling your gig to him and he has to pay for that service and not saying its available on the net for free,if i may ask why didnt he go to the net in the first place

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