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Are Fiverr Missing a Social Media Marketing opportunity?


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Thought I’d put this out there just for people to discuss and see if its worth implementing

Now I have been buying off fiverr for about a month and the gigs range from pretty mediocre to some really exceptionally good gigs. The thing is every time I purchase a gig and I accept the delivery as a buyer I’m given the opportunity to share my love of fiverr to my social circle with a pop up which is all good and proper however I have no desire to ever click those buttons as it comes from fiverr and I’d rather tweet about a gig provider than fiverr itself…from an average buyer with no interaction with your community your faceless fiverr

The problem is fiverr forces this share thingy to pop up and smack my user experience in the face as I’m thinking about purchasing another gig and I really really do want to share my experience but there’s no incentive for me to do so specially as my PC starts to slow down for the third time from the multiple open fiverr tabs

Getting to the point if Fiverr could offer the user an incentive like get points towards buying a gig, or get a random $5 to your account for future gig purchases or even a message that say’s I’m beautiful then yes I would share otherwise it’s just meh…

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