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My Two Cents on how to Improve your Fiverr Experience


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Good evening, my name is Manuel and I’m on Fiverr since April 2018. I’ve been successful in few weeks, just focusing on my music, art and talent. But I want yo give you few tips on how to live this wonderful experience which is Fiverr experience.

  1. The issue with the statistics. I’ve seen many of you complaining for low statistics and visitors. First of all, consider if your GIG, service or work is in a very specific niche, so it’s very difficult that someone could find you. After you have done this, create an impressive portfolio, so even if you have few visitors you can be effective since the beginning.

  2. Don’t forget to have a working procedure that let you focus on a project and deliver it 100% perfect and 100% on time. Means you have mastered your art. Means also you are a professional since years, many years before having a profile on Fiverr. I’ve seen that amateurs can’t really be successful on Fiverr because the quality request is very high. And it’s great this way!

Practically, what I’m saying is to work the most you can outside and as soon as you are 100% perfect you can deliver on Fiverr. There will be word of mouth and in no time you’ll see many many visitors checking your portfolio and contacting you!

  1. Last but not least, the relationship with your customers. Never forget you create a quality service or product that must improve the customer project. If your product can’t do this, then it’s better if you give up (but don’t do it! never give up!). You need to focus and improve, so practicing day after day until your product is 100% perfect.

  2. “100% perfect” is difficult to understand, since, while from a technical view, it’s clear the perfection, from an artistic view it’s more difficult, since something perfect for you could not be perfect for another one. Art is very subjective. But if you consider the product from the point of view of “adding quality”, then you can understand what I’m trying to explain. If your product adds quality and improves the customer project, then it’s 100% perfect. In any case, you’ve reached your goal.

  3. Don’t consider the customer as a match, and you have to win. No. Let’s go back to the “quality issue”. You are adding quality. The match is with adding quality, not with the customer. So study the project from your point of view and also from the point of view of the customer. How you can add quality to his project?

That’s all. I hope to have been useful to all of you 🙂

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Hi Manuel!

This is a very good article, useful even for people like me who do 3D modelling and game development. I really enjoyed the work you did for my project “About Audrey” and am looking forward to hiring you again in the future. Currently I am employing 2 people to do art and 3D modelling, so money is a bit short. But as soon as I have more money, I will contact you again. Great work, you are a master of your art!

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