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  1. Please note that this post and whole thread refers to a specific situation that happened almost 3 years ago. Lots of changes since then, so this can’t be applied nowadays. In order to avoid confusion and thread resurrects… can a mod close this? Thank you.
  2. Yes, I use Manjaro as host, and VirtualBox with several VMs, each for a dedicated task (Office, Photoshop, Firewall, Extra security one for sensible data treatment, and a sandbox for checking suspicious files). Security rely on host. You can have the VM on Windows, just make sure the host is never compromised and well protected (that is, don’t browse the internet on the host, or only go to safe websites)
  3. Oh sure, I am not a Linux evangelist, I see Operating Systems just as tools. Windows can be as hard as a rock with the proper tools, and if Linux were used by a bigger number of people I doubt it will be as safe as it is now. For people reading this thread, just stay safe, I think we already said the basics (good antivirus up to date, common sense, do not open executables, Windows updated, don’t visit warez/strange websites, browsers up to date always, beware phising…). If a seller sends you an executable, never open it. Communicate with him to warn about that, and report. Same with buyers (I had some that tried to infect me with keyloggers and macro virus, was nice to see the macro doing nothing in Linux and Libreoffice). Reported them and end of history.
  4. Anytime, you are also helping the community reporting the typo.
  5. Just go to the sellers help center here: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new?source=help_center And select “Report a bug” showing the typo.
  6. Seems 🙂 , can lead to confusion like this case. You can send CS a message with the typo, they will value your contribution.
  7. In the windows 10 box, I use Kaspersky and GlassWire, with Winja for extra checking. But I really don’t do much on that box.
  8. Seems it should be “you have to wait 14 days to withdraw your funds”. A typo.
  9. Well, I left out the obvious ones, like phising, social hacking, brute force (I think Fiverr is well protected against multiple account tries) and even someone looking your keyboard while you type your user/pass
  10. Yes definitely, Linux is not for everyone. I use isolated virtual machines for Office suite, which means a hardened setup for security against macro virus and such, and a Photoshop VM also. Both works flawlessly under Manjaro distro, which is also configured for extended security. Never had an incident, though yes, you have to know how to manage it.
  11. It is the time you have to wait before your funds are available to you. It is security timeframe. Please note Fiverr deduct the 20% commission from your earnings. PS: replied at the same time @merciavideo 🙂
  12. Maybe, but the only way to access your Fiverr user/pass is to get infected by a keylogger or trojan (or accesing from a public computer, never do that), that is, a malicious code written for Windows platforms mostly. So yes, it is heavily related to your computer security no matter the scenario (the only exception is that Fiverr itself got hacked). Using linux you are safe from those general attacks (if you are specifically targeted by a skilled hacker, you are not safe behind anything, but that’s not the case I suppose).
  13. Only to some lucky few. There is an initial (short) boost on exposure and not much else. The flash point, for a new seller, remains very high. pacquo: Only to some lucky few. There is an initial (short) boost on exposure and not much else. The ignition point, for a new seller, remains very high. Every seller here, even the most successful ones, started with nothing. Some of us, when the rising talent badges or extended exposure where non-existant. The first thing to do is trying to understand how this works, how is the marketplace, and learn how to be an entrepreneur or how to build a business. Without building reputation, demanding leads to nothing.
  14. I bet the seller computer has been hacked or infected. That’s why I use a linux distribution and virtual machines, so the documents of my customers are totally safe. I may add a tutorial on how to do it if I have enough time next week.
  15. Fiverr is not an employer, don’t give you “jobs”. This is a marketplace. It is the same as if you go to your local market and start selling whatever product on a table. If no one buys your products, then you will have to think about the reasons behind it. In fact, Fiverr helps new sellers granting a “rising talent” badge which may be seen as unfair competition by other sellers, so no, new sellers have enough opportunities here. Real world jobs may be more suitable for a lot of people. This is not easy, and hard work pays nothing if you don’t know the basics of business. Read a lot, learn and stay calm. Or try with other sources of income. Anyways, I wish you good luck.
  16. Tight rules and punishments for veterans… so low standards for new sellers… A professional, customer oriented marketplace should avoid those being published, lowers the overall buyer quality perception. I am sure I may sound harsh and cold, but in order to provide a service, you need first to know the very basics on how to do it, or the buyer experience will be awful. This is not craiglist or just an ad board, we have rules here which we try to follow as best as we can. Other sellers have been suspended for less, and copying other’s gigs or work should follow then the same treatment. (sorry for the edit, got disconnected in the middle of writing this).
  17. Well, regarding your discontent with Fiverr CS, I am afraid I can’t be of help. I just offered my point of view of the problem you are facing, and possible positive solutions. But if you feel you are being exploited, then it is time to rethink your business and income source, and make the proper arrangements. I have posted a lot of times in this forum that I am against chargebacks and cancellation of delivered orders, and not for a personal benefit, but for the community. I hope you can manage to stay in Fiverr marketplace.
  18. Just include these risks in your overall price scheme, as any real business do. Make the proper calculations to add the time you loose on difficult sellers/cancellations and apportion them into your prices. Avoid troublesome buyers in early stages, detect them, and avoid them. Block them if needed. Don’t allow any buyer to take advantage of you if it is not your fault or you agreed before to something later you regret (you will have to deliver if you agreed to). Increase your price tier to avoid those kind of buyers, you can increase your price tier using your portfolio quality and brand/authority name.
  19. As I always say (I am getting a bit tired also) business is not just “hard work” like some people believe. Success is NOT related to just “hard work”. Being successful in your business (you are an entrepreneur) is more than that. You should know how to handle that situations, how to deal with thieves, how to take legal action, or demand your rights. You should know how to contact their hosting company and ask them to take down the site due to copyright infringement. Also, you have a lot of tools at your disposal to defend your rights. Use Google. This may be the last time I write about the same thing again: nor Fiverr, nor forum users, will help you defend your rights, you must do it. The worse thing you can do is to accept the scam, because you are not only hurting yourself, but also the entire marketplace, as you are attracting here more scammers who will try to take advantage of you. There are forums talking right now on how to get free work on Fiverr, did you know? If your theme is genuine yours, you have the copyright of it. If you bought the theme from Envato-Themeforest or other theme provider, then you are probably breaching their agreement and you can’t do anything. In any case, agreeing to cancel a delivered work is something that lowers your reputation/stats, hurt your economy and encourage others to do the same. Don’t do it, fight for your rights. Totally agree.
  20. No, they will see when they visit your profile.
  21. You will have it working normally, don’t worry. What I don’t know, as said, if your gigs rankings will drop, and if they do, how much. My experience is that they do not, but I rarely go Out of Office for more than 3-5 days.
  22. Nice to know, thank you!. Never had to really get “out of the office” as I use it for queue control (overbooked option), not for leavings/holidays, so I am really “online” (though hidden 🙂 )
  23. Just use the Out of Office option. You can set your return date and a message, and your gigs will be paused. If possible, answer any incoming message as I don’t know if they can lower your response rate (I use usually Out of Office option when I get overbooked, but I answer every incoming message promptly, so I don’t know what happens if you don’t answer them). When I use it and I get back online, my gigs appear again after several minutes. You may experience a drop in gig ranking, but it is not confirmed.
  24. Nice experience, thanks for sharing. The success is a mix of professionalism, good business insight, providing the best customer experience, and developing your skills every day. Then, some day, the machine starts working, and the rollercoaster begins!
  25. Not enough red flags 🙂 Seems he/she was on mobile and the review text got messed (or what @vickiespencer said also) , and some buyers just disappear when they get their order (they may disappear even before you deliver the order, or what is worse, before they provide the information you need to be able to deliver the order). Just relax, no need to do anything on your side.
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