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How do i get my fiverr gig featured?


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I believe that Fiverr keeps the criteria and method secret on purpose, so sellers can’t manipulate who’s getting featured.

I expect Fiverr editors will review high rated gigs for customer service, quality of the service/product, communication with buyers, and consider factors like “will this be unique and attractive” in the featured section, and by that, being useful for the buyers.

I’m guessing it’s a similar process to the one they have for considering “top rated sellers”.

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And perhaps the most important factor…the ones bringing the most revenue?

Perhaps that is a factor, but right now there is a gig with only 17 reviews on a level 1 seller featured on the front page here. I can’t see that being one of the gigs that bring in the most revenue. One of the main things Fiverr have to consider is the buyer experience. Without buyers, no Fiverr. So to make the buying experience a good one, they have to feature relevant, interesting gigs with high-quality services. I don’t think it relates directly towards revenue of the specific featured Gig, but more towards giving the buyer what they want “in their face”.

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