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  1. Important point for newbies or who's struggling on Fiverr now a days.
  2. @smashradioGreat article I have ever seen on forum. It'll be very much impactful for new sellers. Should be pinned on the forum top. If I offer a free consultations for a "previous" or "new" buyer it legally ok for my reputation? It's allowing the Fiverr TOSs?
  3. You should discuss with CS to repair your cancelation rate and back your reputation.
  4. Honorable @frank_d I'm very much thankful to you for auditing my profile. Everyday I'm looking for your article to maximize my knowledge about Fiverr. I'm not comparing me with TRS and others. I asked for getting advice from you about those seller's who uses their gig title in their description, also they use tag and keyword like example: Tags# seo, Onsite seo, onpage optimization, website onpage seo, etc. Ok Let's explain about my service and expectation. -As a Digital Marketer & SEO, my expectation was I will publish my gigs in two categories Social Media Ads management and SEO. But when I publish my first gig I didn't get enough impression. Then I publish another gig in the same category to find out what's going on. In the meantime, I joined the Fiverr Forum and I was shocked that why I didn't join the forum before publishing my gig. Here is a huge resource and article to expand my knowledge. Then I stop publishing another gig and I start giving time on the forum to know how the Fiverr algorithm works, and how can I serve when I have a huge competition in my vertical. Actually, I'm researching more and gathering information. I left a challenge on myself why my service didn't get enough impression. I started to join maximum Fiverr events and webinars. Now I'm very much hopeful to publish the rest of all gigs. -You find I have two duplicate gigs. Actually my perspective there is no duplication. Because my first gig indicates limited ads campaign setup like max three ads campaigns. The second gig is for unlimited campaigns set up for a time duration like 14 days as a manager and the other is the manager for 30 days. -You observe that my offerings are so high like $400. Let's explain that you can compare others. For the $400 package, what the buyer will get: I will serve my maximum effort to find the best results, research targeted keywords, detailed audience targeting, attractive ad content, eye-catchy ad graphics, Pixel set up, carousel ad setup, ad analytical report, unlimited campaigns setup, anytime support, everything I will do for 30 days as an ads campaign manager. Therefore, If I work for someone's ads campaign manager for 30 days then $400 is so high for that? -As an ads campaign manager, we didn't give a guarantee for sales or revenue. Sales depend on buyer's product quality, market demand, market saturation, website/landing page quality, product price, store age, return policy, quick delivery, and after-sale service. I will help the buyer to get their targeted potential audience/customers/traffic for growing their business and achieving their goals. Finally, I'm glad for getting your valuable advice. Hopefully, I'll try to follow your all inquiries. Best regards
  5. @frank_dThis is what I quoted following that member's question. Yes I already read this answer. But, I don't know what is my weak point I didn't understand fully. This is what the TRS and top ranker doing and they are in ranking as well.
  6. I completely disagree with this topic. If you have any queries read my FAQ or message me before placing an order so I can understand your proper needs to fulfill your requirements. Everything is for buyer satisfaction.
  7. It will be great if there have some option.
  8. Eid Mubarak! 🌙 I’m sending my warmest wishes to all Muslims who are celebrating Eid al-Fitr and marking the end of Ramadan. After a month of prayer, fasting, and giving back, I hope you’re able to enjoy this time of celebration and community.
  9. It's like a rumor, whisper, and a perfect idle gossip!
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