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Found 10 results

  1. Here is a sample of the type of buyer request I wrote. If you think something is wrong, the experts will help. Then my own mistake will be corrected. And those who are new to this post will also learn something. This is how the job I applied for was written.========================================================== I need a logo for my business. Only experts will apply for this job. The logo I need to create is a Private company logo. The beginning ================================================================================ Hello, I hope you are doing well. I have read the description of your project and understood that you need a logo designed. I would love to design it for you and I will provide you multiple variations designed in different colors and designs to select from. I Will do design: All Tippy logos, GIF images, business cards, social media ads, graphics, brochures, flyers, etc. May I know the colors in which you want your logo to be designed? Do you want the logo written in simple texts or you want some symbolic image also inside the logo? I am looking for a long-term business relationship and can start right away. Please send me a message so we can discuss the project further. Thank You! (Your Name) This is the end============================================================ Remember. Do not send buyer requests by copying anything. Try your own writing. That box contains the buyer request. If you can type manually in that box. Then the chances of getting a job are high. Copy any text and send the buyer request. The chances of getting a job are much lower. It tends to be spamming. Unique proposal should be written for each buyer request. Be sure to leave your comments
  2. How can I send a buyer request, no buyer request is showing in profile. help me
  3. I remain active most of the time, but I am not getting buyer request. I am a new seller, have completed only 1 order.
  4. How I send effective buyer request? Have a good day!
  5. Hi, Its Jeny Jahan from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am confused abt a matter, so m sharing !!! I always try to submit Offers for buyer requests. (So long i sent 41) But I never receive any reply from buyers. Does my offer are nt visible to the buyers? or whts the pb? Why dont I get any reply from buyers !! 😐
  6. Did know how to find buyer requests ? every time I tried to search offers from buyer or switch from seller account to buyer account it didn't showing any buyers requests.
  7. Something I feel is important for all sellers is to take time and understand your buyers needs. As a buyer they want to have confidence in their sellers. They want to feel like you know exactly what they want. If they feel like this, they are more likely to place an order with you. This is super important when you are replying to buyer requests. Don't just send a generic offer request, this is almost pointless. Take the time to read their requirements and tailor the offer specifically to them. Use their name, quote some of the requirements mentioned in their request. Hopefully this helps some of you out! Happy selling!
  8. Hi, ever since i got to level 1 3 months ago I've had this issue of outdated Buyer requests. I've tried deleting, but they just come back whenever a new BR comes in. I wasn't worried as I've talked to CS about this for 2 months now. I just thought of a situation where jobs that normally would be taken down after buyer gets a seller or minutes later i still happen to bid for them wasting my BR points. Eg. Buyer requests from months ago are still available, that's not an issue as i can spot them easily with their date. but how about requests from today or yesterday that i cant tell except i see them having less than 10 offers. Anyone else experiencing something like this and have you found a solution yet?
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