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  1. That’s good it started to work for some people. For me it’s still the same…
  2. Hi! Yes, only today. Never ever had any problems with withdrawals in the past.
  3. Hi Heather! I would suggest you to talk with the buyer and explain him the situation and ask to modify the feedback because this is obviously not fair to you. If that won’t help, try contacting Fiverr Customer Support and explain them the situation, they are not allowed to change feedback but in my opinion this case might be different. It won’t affect your career, but of course it’s not nice to have them…Regarding the inbox issue it should be solved already 🙂 Have a great day!
  4. Thank you for your reply! Yes, I have contacted Fiverr about it and they are also helping me with getting attention of local sellers in Bucharest. The purpose of this event is to meetup and network. It’s completely free and anyone could join. You don’t need to be even TRS or Level Seller. I will be giving also the presentation about what worked best in order to become the top rated seller. I am also planning to organize a workshop and it will be specifically on modifying or creating gig that will catch buyers attention. If you see on my page, I have the video made for my gigs so I want to help other people with video creation too and we can also record in the room there for anyone who is wishing to upgrade their video. Also the purpose is to meet other sellers and hear their experience with Fiverr.
  5. Anyone can join, you just need to confirm with me if you will be attending 🙂
  6. Hi! Yes, it would be fun if you could join, it’s completely free and works on first come first served basis.
  7. No worries 🙂 If someone know anyone from Romania, I would appreciate if you guys could help invite them 😉
  8. Hi Fiverr Sellers and Buyers! I am excited to share with you that I will be hosting an event in Bucharest, Romania on May 21st at 3pm (local time). This event is aimed towards meeting each other and network. As being a TRS, I would be also speaking about my experience and provide useful tips that will help your overall Fiverr experience. We will also organize some workshops and if anyone is willing to be a speaker too, feel free to let me know 🙂 The event will be hosted in Sheraton Hotel in Bucharest and will include also 1 Coffee Break and 1 Finger Plate Lunch for each member. We would also have water available for everyone. There are only 19 spots available, if you would like to attend this event, feel free to reply to this thread. WHEN: May 21st 3pm (local time) WHERE: Sheraton Hotel (Bucharest, Romania) WHAT: Meetup/Networking/Workshop from TRS Seller/s RSVP: Spaces are limited, we currently have 19 spots available (First Come First Served) If you have any questions or want to attend this event, please reply to this thread. Thank you! Regards, Vasily Kichigin TRS Seller
  9. Don’t give up my friend! You have a lot of good reviews too. From my experience if something happens, tell your buyer in advance. Communication is key and buyers are also humans and will understand the situation if you explain ahead of time 🙂 @misscrystal you are incredible inspiration 🙂 If we love something and passionate about it, then we don’t need to take vacations from it 🙂 What a great community we have here.
  10. Good job! Keep up the good work my friend 🙂
  11. Hi @molisarker, Before taking any actions and approaching the buyers, I would really put hard work into Optimizing your Gig! When you look at your gig and also look at top gig in your niche, you should clearly say that there aren’t any differences in the look of the gig except you are not going to have the feedback and portfolio yet.
  12. @miahbdanky As being a seller here for few years know, I find that if you want to get fast reply from seller, just send him 2-3 messages in the private inbox (not the order page). I think if he is busy, he would still immediately see your messages and do according job.
  13. Hi @zenajordan, Use a “Resolution Center” in the order page and fill the form to cancel the order and then the seller will accept it. Just access your Order Page through Fiverr Platform and accept the request.
  14. Hi @creative_20151, Be patient, they just have so many requests to reply to. Once you work you way through levels, they will be able to respond to you within 1 hour. I think it’s motivating to work hard on Fiverr and after receive so many great benefits and getting replies within 1 hour is one of them 🙂
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